Snow Birds

Attire on Feb 1, 2015

Attire on Feb 1, 2015

This is me, it is still snowing here, so I went out to shovel. Then I decided to talk pictures so you can see how much snow we are getting. It is still coming down.


First I shoveled the porch, then decided the birds needed to have the snow removed around their feeding place, so they could at least be protected a little bit. Their feeder had about 2 inches of snow on the roof, so I knocked that off, walked back to the house and asked hubby to fill it up with bird seed and I would hang it out for them to have something to eat.


This picture shows how deep the snow is the walls to the bird feeder is really deep. It was heavy to shovel. But I prayed before I started, so I would not have heart attack or anything


                                  Here’s our grill, he just grilled out on this last weekend,                                  but looking at this, you would never know it.

P1070005This is what I shoveled to get to our cars. Hubby works at the rest area, so he had gone out at 5:30 am today, but I have not been in my car, so you can see all the wonderful snow that has piled up on it. Mind you, that it is still snowing, so will have to take another picture later.


I started to take the snow off the car, but then I remembered from the last time, that if it freezes I will have to scrape ice off, so decided to leave the snow on and do the whole thing when I eventually will go to work.


I wasn’t sure, to call this snow birds or snow blanket. But  our pine trees are laden down with snow. There branches that once stood pointing to the sky are almost laying  down on the ground. They have piles of snow on them as well.


                                       This is looking at our trees along our drive way.                                      They have done their job as wind break. .


Here is another view taking in the bird feeder view.  A bird is now seeing his feeder has been filled. More birds are sitting on some branches so there little feet won’t have to be in the snow too long.


This is close up of the snow birds. They are very tiny bird with a white breast. We have close to 8-9 inches of snow. More is still coming.

In preparation for this snow, we have filled the bathtub with water, so we can flush the toilet later, if we should loose our power. I also filled a soup pot with water so we can heat the kitchen later as well or use to make a hot drink.

Thankfully we have LP gas so we can use a match to ignite our stove for added heat or to heat water. I have three door ways that come into the kitchen and usually hang up sheets to keep the heat in one central room. It has amazed me that a thin sheet can hold back so much heat or if you were on the other side of the sheet the cold air.

How have you prepared or what preparations have you learned from your adventures with snow and no electricity?


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