Sweet n Salty

Pretzel Crisps Everything Thin, Crunchy Pretzel Crackers, 9.35 oz

I love those new Pretzels Crisps that are flat. Have you tried them yet?

My favorite is the “Everything” as it has all kinds of seeds on them. You can taste the garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, yummy, just talking about it makes me hungry for some more. They are flat pretzels just like the package said they are, and they are crispy too!

I was taking my lunch today and decided that I wanted the very last crumbs. I dumped the bag out on to plastic bag and dipped my cut up orange  in the salt, seeds etc. that had slipped down to the bottom of the bag and it was worth eating the very last drop. It wassooooooooo good. You should try it. It was delicious.

Let me know what you think? I love it and it was to die for. I just wanted to share.

By the way when I was growing up I used to like to drink orange juice and eat pretzels on Saturday afternoons when I was watching westerns on TV.

Mary O.


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