Clear Cellophane

Cellophane rolls has many great uses. I recently was wanting to find something to cover some mat boards that I had cut for someone. I didn’t want them to get marks or finger prints.

By the way,  mat boards need to be handled like a record. Fingers on the edge and not touching the front of the mat..  So I took clear cell wrap and wrapped it like a present. Except I taped all the corners on the back side. That way I could slip it into  frame. It was the best solution!

If you should get a finger mark on your mat, we use to pour iodine salt on the mat and let it sit over night sometimes it would lift the mark and be gone by the next morning.

Hope this helps someone thanks from Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

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This piece here is a blue glass pendant with blue beads attached to the front.of the pendant. The necklace is made from denim hemp cord with brown copper glass beads scatter around it. Great piece to show off or give as gift! More can be seen at

Blue Mixed Media Leaf Necklace
Prairie Pine Peddler
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