Unexpected Visitor

Kept hearing this odd noise. I kept thinking that a mouse was caught in a trap and trying to wiggle out of it.  The basement door was open but it didn’t seem like it was coming from there. Cat decided to investigate, she took me into the dining room. Kept hearing this noise but I couldn’t put my finger on the noise. So I went and got a flashlight and looking around on the floor but couldn’t see anything.  Then suddenly there were three salt and pepper shakers on the register that had been up on the shelf. I thought who would have knocked them down? Too high for a cat, then suddenly the mysterious creature was sprawled across the door frame and down into the bamboo curtain that hung on the door. Only saw a tail and as my eye traveled across the door way the body was thicker – called my husband out of his deep sleep to rescue us – it was a Bull Snake. While he was trying to decide how to tackle this fellow, I ran to get his leather gloves

I asked my husband – how he got a hold of him? Apparently the snakes head was on the plate rail and had knocked a plate down, he pulled him down to keep him from embracing another plate from hitting the floor. After he knocked him to the floor, then he placed one foot on his tail and he was twisting and trying to get away, then he took his other foot and put it on his head. He called me in to tell me it smelled in there. I guess the snake puts out an odor when in danger. So I held my nose so I didn’t have to smell it. . That’s when I handed him his leather gloves, I ran to hold the screen door so he could carried him out by his head. He had his gloved hand over his head and carried him out the door. He took him out about 40 feet away from the house into the pine trees.

I told our cat she was good girl to lead me to find the snake that caused all the trouble. The bull snake was about four feet long.

Image result for bull snakes

All is well and now we are going to bed.


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