My first attempt

Been intrigued with those wooden spools that have been made into necklaces. My daughters birthday is on Monday, so decided to make one for her. While I’m at it, I decided to make one for myself too .

wooden spool supplies needed for this project


Here are some of the supplies needed for this project: scissors, ink pad, rubber stamps of your choice, strips of paper to wrap around the spool and some tacky glue, beads, and charms of your choice to dandle from the bottom.

I am using some scrapbook paper, then I measured the width of the spool and used a paper cutter to cut my strip. I cut three strips. One for a pattern and other two for the two spools I am making.

Then I decided to rubber stamp before gluing the strip around the spool.  For this particular spool, I had rubber stamp that states it is New York  stamped both ends of the spools with this stamp. See below –

Rubber Stamped top of wooden spool I thought it made the spool look more authentic.

P1070280Next I  added a  gold tone metal leaf,  a brass bird and it needed one more thing so I added some gemstones i had sitting around. All the charms hanging have been wire wrapped so they can’t fall off. I thought some matching earrings would be nice too. So used the same leaf that was dangling from spool and made earrings. See below-




This is what this necklace looks like – I used a black round cord, I placed two knots at each end but thought she could decided what length she would like…wooden spool necklace


gold tone feathers


I decided to be creative with wrapping it. I used a match box and covered it with brown paper, lined it with a napkin and here is the wrapping paper I am going to use.

Wooden spool necklace in creative gift boxP1070287



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