Thin & Fragile

Haven’t posted much lately.

Just visited a man the comes to our library on regular basis that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Doc said he had 2- 4 months to live.  So decided I go visit him after work today. (only worked 1/2 day) Took him some homemade blueberry muffins. Thought since he might not feel like cooking he could grab one of them. I didn’t put to much sugar in them. He was already thin, I couldn’t believe how thin his face has gotten already.

I had another school friend die unexpectedly in May. He had motorcycle accident. Died at the scene.

Then the month before that had girl friend from church die. Apparently she was not  taking her blood pressure medicine and she had stroke and died. She left a husband and son behind. She has collage age daughter and infant that had preceded her in death. Two days later, another person from church passed too.

Life is precious, and sometimes short for some of us Take time to smell the flowers and spend time with your family and love ones. .


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