Framing Tip 2: Glass Cutting

I used to work at a DIY & Custom Frame Shop, so I had to learn to cut glass by hand. Once you learn how to do it, its just like riding a bike. You don’t forget. Over the years I have always used a glass cutter that can be obtain from a hardware store. The price of these babies have really sky rocket I think I had to pay over $5 now. Caring for your glass cutter: Once you get the glass cutter home, one should take an empty mushroom can (4 oz. size) line it with a piece of felt and pour in some three in one oil. This will keep your wheels lubricated. Over time they will wear out and you’ll have to get a new glass cutting tool. Holding your cutter may be personal thing, but when I hold mine, I put the cutter between my index finger and middle finger. I feel this helps me keep it steady when I draw the cutter down the glass along the ruler.  The wheel needs to face down towards the glass. glass cutter Now place your piece of glass on a towel on a table. Then take your glass cutter and  make a few marks along side your ruler.   – one at top and one at the bottom. Then hold your ruler along side the marks making sure your wheel will be straight as you pull it down, Start at the top and draw it towards you. . You might want someone to hold the ruler at the top if this is your first time. I like to use a wood ruler, but if you use a metal ruler – find one that has cork on the back that will keep it from slipping. After scoring your piece of glass, then take the handle side and lightly tap the line. Then I pull about three inches so it is hanging over the table. I take and put my two thumbs on each side of the glass line  that has been scratched with the glass cutter. See photo – then you carefully break the glass or snap the glass away from the piece you are going to use. Try a small piece of glass ( 8 x 10 ) before you tackle a large one.  If a small piece decides to hang on, take a pair of glass pliers and carefully take off the small piece so it will fit into your frame. Remember to measure twice and cut once. Always wear protective glasses and shoes when cutting. Keep small children away from the area as well as pets in case small silvers of glass would hit the floor. Be sure to sweep up after you cut glass so there aren’t any accidents. Recently we were cutting a 16 x 20 down to 15 x 19. I couldn’t find my glass cutter so my husband used his stain glass cutter, how ever the ones on google search doesn’t seem to match the kind he has, so unable to post it here for you to see. This has been provided by May O @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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