Framing Tip 4: Attaching brads

So you washed your glass on both sides. You have your item in the frame.

Cardboard use to be used all the time until they realized that it has acid and will discolor anything that is in the frame. What I use now for my backings is an  acid free foam board. It helps your piece to breathe better and take the weather changes in your home.

Brads come in different sizes. I usually use a 3/4″ for 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 12 x 16 for anything larger – 16 x 20 – I use 1″ to 1’12” brad. Brads don’t have heads on them which is a good thing. One doesn’t  want them to pierce though your brown paper which is one of your last steps to take. when assembling your frame.

Now where do you place your brads?  If you have 11 x 14 size frame.

So on the 11 inch side put 2-3  brads in. Start in the middle, then put one on each side of that. . On the 14″ side I would put about 4 and just spaced them out. Do that to both sides of the frame. Oh, one other thing, have magnet near buy in case a brad gets between the backing and the frame. It comes out better than trying to use your finger nail.

To use the brad pusher: adjust the brad pusher to go over the frame width and then few inches for the brad. I usuaully figure out my wood frame width then hold my brad and wrap the brad pusher around every thing and pus my brad in – 3/8 ”  or 1/4 ” in. . The top of brad pusher will push brad into the frame about

Now that you have the brads in, one should turn the frame over and make sure it doesn’t have anything in there it should have. I have had to reopen my piece to get a speck out.

More coming

This has been provided by May O @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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