Framing Tip 5: Contents

This is how to care for your contents in your soon to be a framed picture

If you have gotten a matted picture and you are going to slip it into a ready made frame. Handle your mat like it was a record. Don’t place any finger marks on the mat. Occaionally you may get a oil finger print on your mat. I you do instead of having to start over – place some salt over the area and let it sit over night to see if it will draw the oil out of the mat. This has worked for me. Image result for how to attach photo to a mat for framing

When we framed in the Frame Shop where  I worked at – we always would put acid free tape on the picture/photo and then place the mat over this and attach and then turn it over and press it into the mat to stay.

But recently as I was doing some research on the internet- I  found that if you attached your  picture/photo to the foam core/backing board that this was better concept. I tried this and it was lot easier and faster.  This a good thing (as Martha Stewart would say)

Produced by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler                                                                        Connect with nature, wear down to earth Jewelry!


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