Framing Tip 6: Closing up the frame

The next step is to close up your frame and give it the professional look.

Gather your tools: yard stick, one sided razor blade, small damp sponge, brown packaging paper, Aileen’s Tacky Glue or Elmer’s Glue,

First, you can use either one of these  glues as both of these will dry clear. Take one of the glue bottles and run a line all the way around the frame on the edge away from the foam core edge. You can take your finger and smooth it out if you like.

Next, I usually use light weight Kraft or brown packaging paper, I purchased my at Walgreen’s the last time I needed some. Make sure that you cut it about 2-3 inches bigger that your frame when taking it off the roll.

Take your brown paper and lay it flat on the table. Take your damp sponge and go over the entire surface. Then place the brown paper over the back of the frame and press around the area where the glue is. The purpose of dampening the paper is when the paper dries it will shrink and be taut.

Then take and place a metal yard stick on the edge of the frame and draw a razor being careful not to cut your finger. (Which I have done many of time) Seems like the razor likes to jump the track – so BE CAREFUL!!!! I speak from experience. Cut away the excess paper that is on the edges.

Use your sponge to wipe away any glue that may have seeped on the side of the frame.

Now you will have professional looking back which no one will ever see as it will be on the wall hanging up.

This has been provided by May O @ Prairie Pine Peddler                                                                                                 Connect with nature, wear down to earth Jewelry!


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