Framing Tip 7: Screw Eyes

Saw teeth are great for small pictures. What size pictures are we thinking? Well from my experience I would say anything  5 x 7 or smaller.

When you get up to an 8 x 10 size,  you need to switch to screw eyes. Now why is that? Well when you place a saw tooth on this size frame and it is hanging by the one piece of wood, you’ll putting  a strain on the all the corners. Eventually the corners will loosen and come apart. So to avoid this, use screw eyes.

Now there is particular way to put your screw eyes in your frame.                                                    First you need to look at the depth of your frame. Then when you go to the hardware store or hardware section you.ll need to find a screw eye shank that is not too long.

images, hand cranked drill, manual hand held drill

I use a hand cranked drill. I take a brad and cut the head off and place this in the drill as if it was a drill bit.

Now turn over your frame so your looking at the back of your picture frame. Take a ruler and measure from top to bottom the overall frame length. Let say your frame measures 21 inches. So you will want to come down 1/3 of the way or divide this number into thirds.

frame measuringSo we’ll measure down  7 inches. Depending on where the thickness part of the frame is that is where you are going to drill a hole. Oak Frames will give  you trouble – to tackle the hard wood frames – Before drilling put some soap on your drill bit (brad ) and on the screw eye. By the way Don’t  drill threw the front of the frame. So you’ll want drill in about 3/16 or 1/8 of an inch.  I have never measured, I just kind of eye or give it two turns or so.

Then after drilling you’ll screw in your screw eye. The last time I purchase screw eyes I bought 5/8″ (1.5cm) they were by National Hardware . Put a nail set through the eye and turn the screw eye into place The screw eye should angle in towards the center of the wood frame when complete.

Now we are ready for the wire. I ususally start with the wire and place it in the screw eye and then twist it to each other about 2 inches. Then pull the wire straight across the frame to the other side where the screw eye is sitting. Take your ruler and measure from top of the frame to where the wire is and divide that measurement in half. That half way point is where our wire is going to be.positioned. Then wrapped the wire through the opposite screw eye and twist and you’ve completed the task!

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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