Recipe by Accident

ok, we were down to the wire, our stove is out of order, so we have had to come up with things we could cook on top of the stove. Our alternative way of cooking is grilling out. Unfortunately it has been raining cats and dogs and not suitable to cook out these days.

Last night hubby wanted bacon, and I felt like scramble eggs which sounded good to me. So I put in the bacon in black iron pan and started cooking it. Then I added some onions to cook down with the bacon. As it was cooking it suddenly reminded me of the smell when you are cooking pierogies. Yummy, unfortunately I didn’t have any pierogies on hand. Then I added some mushrooms and then some garlic which I didn’t let it cook for very long. Then I added the scramble eggs mixture.  I forgot to mention I had started cooking the bacon and had not turned it yet. Then I decided to cut it up into small pieces and just kind of dragged it around in the pan until it looked done.Then started adding the other ingredients. .Got a compliment from hubby as he said I should more often.

So the next time I make pierogies I am going to start out with bacon and onions. and then fry them up together. You must try it, boy was that good.

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler pine peddler


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