Framing Tip 9: Finding the Perfect Frame

Beware of Cheap Frames and Back Yard Sale Frames.

After I am attracted to the front of a frame, I always turn it over to see how much of rabbet the frame has?  What is a rabbet? It’s the depth of the frame. I have an illustration below.

Can I place piece of glass, a mat or two, artwork or needlework and backing in before closing up the entire project?

or is it only large enough to hold single piece of glass?

. Image result for picture frame rabbet

A Shadow box type frame is great way to go. There are several different types of  shadow boxes. First type that seems to be very popular looks more like a display case: it has a piece glass permanent in front the rabbet is 3-12 inches deep and then their is small lip to attach your art work and or mat with backing to close it up with.  Much like the illustration Image result for shadow box frame corners

The second type of shadow box which can be found at custom frame shop is made in layers. The glass sits up front – this particular one has molding added to make central piece stand out: I have few illustrations to give you examples. These were obtained from various place on the internet. I did not take pictures of these illustrations.


violin in shadow box



Image result for shadow box frame corners

shadow boxes corners  normally custom ordered at Frame Shop.

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler



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