Framing Tip 10: Attaching Needlework to Mat

Hello again, today I wanted to share with you how I attach my needlework to the  mat. This is fairly simple. From time to time you might also pick up photo that has been mounted to piece of foam board and might wonder how you could attach that to mat as well The same principle will apply.

Either a mat came with your kit, or you decided you wanted a mat and purchased a ready made one or maybe you ordered a custom mat. Either way your need to figure out how you can attach this so it doesn’t slip after it is hung on the wall.

First  purchase a Foam Core Board.There are various sizes of thicknesses: 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch, there are other sizes available.  Shop around for the best prices. Some of the places I have purchase  from are Dick Blick, and Hobby Lobby and sometimes Wal-mart.

Take into consideration if your needle work was wrapped around 1/8 inch board, then you’ll  need 1/4 inch foam core. You’ll need to eye this and consider if the amount is sticking out past the mat. I cut 1.5 inch – 1.75 inch strips of foam board. This will be placed under your needlework and glued to the mat so this is like a resting shelf for your needlework. I glue strips to the side as well so it won’t move side ways when I place it into the frame.

Another way to tackle this is to cut mat shape out of the foam core board and place your needlework within the square or rectangle. Then measure and cut a mat. Cut down the foam board and hinge the mat to the foarm board. Then place this in your frame.

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler




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