Class Reunion

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Had my 45th Class Reunion. I know I am giving away my age now. Well I have decided to let my blonde hair go to the wind and letting my hair grow out. Its a very nice white. Use to hate seeing the white around my face, but now it doesn’t seem so bad. I see younger girls then me with white hair and they are beautiful.

I only attended one other class reunion and told myself back then I would never go again. However, this old classmate contacted me, her husband has Alzheimer and he is in nursing home and she didn’t want to go alone. She was looking for motel room, but I told her I had spare bedroom and would be glad to put her up for the night.

We both had a good time. The people seemed more mature and caring then the first time when  I went. I actually had a good time. The one highlight I enjoyed was – we went around the room and explained what we were doing and where we were, who had grand kids, what accomplishments they were making or not making, Funny things that happened to them etc. or not so funny things.

The food was not to bad, we met at a country club. Some folks had gone on the golf range before coming to the reunion. Our pictures were taken as group. Now many of us have hooked up on Facebook.

One thing everyone complained about was they wanted name tags and they wanted their high school pictures on them. So I volunteered to make name tags for the next reunion. Well I have 4 get them ready – I work at the local public library and  I have  access to our class yearbook. I enjoy making or designing things using Microsoft Publisher.

Another thing I am going to tackle, is we have so many classmates 18 out of 200  that have died. I decided  to make a notebook. I have been collecting obituaries or tidbits about the different folks that have passed away. I love doing family history and this is much like that. I am planning on making a book that says: “Classmates gone but not Forgotten. I am pretty good at digging up information. I tried calling the alumni office and it seems she didn’t have many of them. I told her I would share what I have found with her so she can share with others. I know a few years back I wrote a letter to Swarthmore College looking for my great grandfather’s obituary and was able to get that. It gave me information I didn’t know which was helpful in my research on that side of the family.

written by Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler

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