Life of Librarian

Amazing, I have only been to work for 35 minutes, when a lady comes to my desk and asks if we have any Jewish Books. Racking my brain, I walk back to the religion section to see if I can find a cover that would meet this patrons needs. Then not finding anything I suggested that I have some mat boards that could be cut down and then one could use duck tape or book binding tape to tape the two pieces together.

She explains she is singing in Cantata and wanted to hide her music in Jewish Book Cover. So I returned to my desk and remembered that we have cut up cardboard  we use to send out magazines. So I gave her couple pieces of cardboard,  then I went to the internet and typed in Jewish Book Covers and came up with some great images. She picked out what she wanted and I enlarged it with Microsoft Publisher. She mentioned she had been all over Peoria yesterday and left this big city with nothing.

. I have some art background and was so glad to give her a hand. What Joy this brought to my heart that I could help someone. She was very happy!


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