Myth or Remedy

So from time to time we are have some health issue that interrupts our lives…

For me I have been trying to stay healthy this past year. I have been struggling with swollen knee. But the doctor just told me to stay off of salt. I did that, but then my knee started swelling when I sat to long or if I stood to long. So I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it.

I networked with some gals at work. One gal said her uncle swore that if you eat 6-7 maraschino cherries a day that your swelling would go down. I tried it and my knee doesn’t swell. I am amazed. I did go to orthopedic and they took a x-ray in the office and found a bone spur. But now he wants to see if the padding is gone – only an MRI can tell what is going on. Don’t you think that some of the medical field has gone forward in an amazing way but then there seems to be some of it had gone backwards too.

I told my doctor in a funny way – I was kidding of course that I thought I was the Bionic woman and now I am a Raggedy Ann loosing her stuffing!

So does cherries really help? What do you think? What experiences do you swear by?

Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler



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