Cold Weather Emergency Car Kit

Just reminder to everyone to have car kit in place.

From experience, if you have food with you, bring it in with you every night, broken teeth are expensive. Plus little mice can still eat thru tin foil wrapped packages beating you to your treat you thought you had for an emergency.

Here is few suggestions to have in your car kit that fits in coffee can with lid:                            Line the can with grocery sack, use it to store the following:                                  small amount of duct tape wrapped around Popsicle stick;

2 candles that will burn at least 4-5 hours.

a flashlight with spare batteries;

sewing kit;

Swiss army knife;

roll of toilet paper stored in Ziploc bag;

notepad & pencil/pen in Ziploc bag,

small roll of wire and string;

Envelope of small cash in ones & fives &

change in prescription bottle or film rolls work great or zip lock bag;

Flares – 3 or more- the kind that burn for 20-30 minutes;

Large plastic trash bag to us as insulation against elements if you must leave your car;

small candle to melt snow (tuna can great for this purpose);

1 can opener (army type);


space blanket,

dusk mask,

assorted bandages,

twist tie,

waterproof matches ( use can dip them in paraffin and DIY),

box cutter with extra blades. The can can me used to melt snow for drinking water.



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