Benefits of Water

I have always told people that they needed to drink water. Then I would say to Image result for glass of waterthem, would you run  your car with out oil – no would be the answer. So you need to drink water every day.

I want to share something that happened to me this week in fact. I have been having to go to P.T. (Physical Therapy early before work) . One night I woke up with either my sciatic nerve killing me at 8.0 pain level or my bladder I wasn’t sure which, I could not lay on my right, nor my back nor my left side. My dear husband was snoring so I didn’t want to wake him up and whine how bad I hurt. So I prayed and finally fell asleep on my stomach with out a pillow.

The following day, I asked the therapist what were some of the symptoms of dehydration? He mentioned that disk needed water or it could be very painful as I describe to him how I felt  a few days ago at 12:20 a.m. in the morning. So the following day. I drank about 5 cups of water compared to one. That night I did not wake up with any more pain.

I have notice too if I am craving sweets, it is also sign of dehydration. He mentioned one could have pains in the heart too if you needed to fuel up on more water. Which I thought it was indigestion and didn’t think anything about it. But now I am listening to my body. Water is good for a lot of things.. I didn’t realize that distilled water was acidic so may have to change course on that. But I don’t really care for the taste of spring water.

Here’s websites to back up my issues and symptoms of dehydration:

Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

connect with nature @


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