Colestown Gatehouse

I  recently have been doing some family history research. I came across this cemetery in my travels. I have three family lines- where some of my people can be found in this cemetery. The most interesting part is the entry to the cemetery.  The Gate House. I am glad that this has been preserved! This morning at work I decided to see if I could find a little history on Colestown. So I found a pdf file – here is the link

The Colestown Cemetery, where the earlier burial was recorded in 1746, is the only remnant of this long vanished hamlet. This gatehouse was constructed in 1858, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. One side of the gatehouse was used as a chapel for funeral services, and the other side was the living quarters for the superintendent of the cemetery. Below the chapel is a vault once used as a winter holding room for bodies that could not be buried in the frozen ground. I love the cobblestones and the color of this building. May you end up where you want to be.



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