DNA Solved an Issue




I belong to a “Long” surname group on Facebook. I thought this was worth repeating in my wordpress account.

Kathy Cherwinski Long
May 18 at 10:23am
Last week I received some good news from Ancestry DNA. I would like to share what I wrote on the DNA Detectives facebook page.

SOLVED WITH DNA….. For over 15 years I have been searching for my husband’s father, John Gilbert Long. I sent many letters to Long families, sent for Social Security Applications, copies of certificate of death. I had him take the Ancestry DNA test, the FTDNA mtdna, family finder and Y-111 tests, 23 & Me test. He was on GEDMatch and Ysearch with no luck finding that illusive John Gilbert Long. I emailed many people with matches but could not find that connection to John Long. I even posted on Michigan and Missouri sites on Ancestry and US Genweb. For years we wondered if that was really my husband’s father.
In 2015 my husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through some very strong Chemotherapy. Right now my husband is in remission. My daughter and I decided it was time to find someone who knew how to read the DNA information. I am 71 and not able to understand everything about DNA. My daughter helped me get in touch with a wonderful Search Angel, Linny Yint from DNA Detectives. Linny found that my husband had 2 third cousins and the rest were 4th cousins. (Quite a discouraging start). After many email’s to my husband’s cousins from Ancestry, FTDNA and 23 & Me and googling one particular name, we found a gentleman that might be my husband’s ½ brother and he’s not a LONG. He lives here in Florida only an hours’ drive away. I emailed him asking him if he would take a DNA test and I would pay for it. After discussing why he might be my husband’s ½ brother, he agreed to take the test. My husband and I met Ron at a restaurant near his house and he did the DNA test right there. We mailed it on the way home. This week I was notified that the test was completed and my husband now has a new ½ brother, Ron Wood. Please do not give up searching and have faith in your Search Angel. Some connections take a long time, in my case, having the wrong birth father didn’t help, but once Linny started helping, she had success within a little more than a month. Thank you DNA Detectives!!!!!!


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