wasting time?

Are you wasting time? who me?

Well I use to stew over things that people would do or say to me. Till I finally got it hashed thru and out of my system. But now I …

Well my new thing is when someone approaches me at the desk where I work.. and normally I am looking at my monitor screen either reading or looking up something for someone.  I have decided to pretend they are going to give me money and I will light up my face with a great big smile and look at them straight in their eye. (in the past I would have usually just looked up and tried to decide what I was going to say off the cuff of my sleeve.)

I have boss that micro manages, checks up on every thing you do all day long. So today she came to desk, logged into a computer 15 minutes after I had checked in for the day. Then she started walking around checking up on everything that would normally we would have done for the  opening procedures. The only thing is I had done the opening procedures this a. m. and wondered why she had to double check everything. So instead of allowing it to bother me, and telling myself she doesn’t trust you she is treating you like a baby etc. I said to myself: “she needs exercise and is walking around – just let it be.”      So that is what I did.

I am finally learning how to be duck and let it slid off. I have been a lot happier well this week. Been goofy, smiling and have had more energy for some reason. I don’t know if it because of the above.

that my story and I am stickin to it !




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