To my Father

Happy Father’s Day

I am procrastinator., I am still carrying my father’s card in my purse, I did not get it mailed on time. Tah Tah

I found an empty card as I was having hard time coming around and telling him anything nice, didn’t feel good about saying “I love you” or You’re the best dad”

so took the easy way out, but then someone came into work this week, and they were talking about the neglect of Service Men. I piped up with that I had heard that my father was at restaurant and told the waitress to give him the bill for 4 sailors that were sitting at table further from where he was sitting as he wanted to pay for their food. That still stands out in my thoughts about my dad.

I know that he sponsored a boy or two in  foreign countries that were less fortunate than we are. I  think my father had rough time growing up in single parent home, My childhood wasn’t the greatest either. I seem to get in a lot of trouble growing up, As I look back, I think I was trying to get attention but my parents didn’t realize it and I didn’t really realize ti until I am writing this now.

So Happy Father’s Day to those that read this day.

until we meet again…


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