A laughing matter

I am standing in line at a Casey Convenient Store , (its a Midwest store like at a Wawa Food Market).

I was waiting to pick up my pizza order. Meanwhile I saw this tall guy – he was going to purchase a Bud Light. It looked like a suitcase. He seemed to know the cashier as he was razzing her.

He lifted it up and placed it up on the counter. I was observing this as I was still waiting for my pizza to come out. Anyhow he next asked for a pack of cigarettes to purchase. At that point, I kind of smarted off  and said  to this guy so you have to snoke cigarettes to stay warm after you drink that cold beer. He laughed and I know I caught him off guard. It was funny. That put smile on my face and gave me a laugh.


Image result for Chevrolet Nova z28 blue chevy 1969

Another guy left his car running in front of the convenient store. I think if was a Ultramarine Chevy Nova with stripes. But it had been customized. The back end was lifted up. It was really burning the fuel, you could get high just breathing it in. But it was revving up as it was idling. It seemed to have its own personallity. The car was parked right in front of the convenient store door, so one had to walk around his car just to get inside the door.  The driver was right inside the door visiting with people inside. I decided to give my 2 cents and told him I thought his car had a nice beat to the music. Another fellow thought  he burned enough gas it could have filled his truck up.

I think this made for a good night in hometown and busy place to be. Get your gas, your booze, pop, few convenient food items, pizza, chicken, candy, ice,  sandwiches, coffee, fountain drinks, donuts.

So it was a good day in the neighborhood!




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