Manage Art Show for 7 years

As you know I often speak of the library where I work or that I am librarian by day and designer by night.

The library was celebrating its 135th year, they were wanting suggestion to draw people in to use the library and do something for the community. I suggested an Art Show never realizing that I would be put in charge of it. 

Seven years later – we have had our first oops to deal with. That oops was someone took photos from another artist site and enter them into the art show  as their own. 

This has been very long week for me. I even won an award in the  3-D section  But have not really enjoyed having won since I have had to take care of the rest of the show and disqualify someone from the  show.

My point in writing this is, when you post your photos, are you putting a watermark or signature on your photos? Someone could come along and either print screen your photo or take pictures of your dearly beloved photo and use it as their own?

How do you handle the photos you enter or place and upload to the internet?

I hope you will leave your remarks and post this to this wordpress….

Did you know that you can do an image search in Google ? 

That is something I learned this weekend!

I am looking at the world in a different light these days.

I hope this will help someone along the way. 





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