7 ways to relieve stress

Are you stressed, does things tick you off easier than they use to?

Here are some suggestions that have helped me:

  1. Keep a journal – I write in my journal every night before going to sleep, I write all my comings and goings. Today I felt like rereading some of my stuff and found some things amusing. While others bring back happier days.
  2. Take time to hug someone, older people need it and so do the young. You get hugged and they get hug. Many years ago I read you needed 16 hugs a day. I am way behind on that one.
  3. Read a Chapter a day – reading your scriptures really helps!
  4. Listen to different beat – I find the radio and TV – music or sound effects can really get you round up.
  5. Call or visit a friend – its amazing someone else’s troubles makes you feel better about your own situation
  6. Refrain from chocolate, coffee, pop and sweets they seem to magnify your stress
  7. Prayer seems to help you see the light in others and your load will be lighter.

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