Suicide and Holidays

Why is suicide the easy way out? Why does one want to inflict their own pain and take themselves out of this world?

I have regular customers that comes to my desk wanting various information on those that have recently died. Mr. X  mentioned he picked up three people who had committed suicide this week. A rough week for him. Hearing the inside story on how someone died is sometimes better not said at all.

Of course most obituary don’t mention that death were self inflicted unless one is close to a family member.

This was window open to think about the whys for those of us still on this earth or to those who chose to leave their existence behind and adventure to land unknown to mankind.

Although it isn’t a complete bliss as many have been blessed with highlights of their own lives. There are some humans who have departed their bodies during surgeries or accidents and was looking down at those who were administering help to their bodies and spirits which is comforting to love ones.

Many don’t realize that the body is a blessing and our spirit has residence in there giving us mobility. Learning to maneuver around on this beautiful earth and share a life with our families and friends.

Where as those who and all of us who will eventually leave this earth normally will get to learn how to maneuver around in our spirit body without our bodies. I think living without a body would be more painful than with one. I am not psychologist just common person that thinks or analyzes life’s situations. I have brain, religious background and have read a lot.

So to end this on good note, please look around you, do you know someone that may spend holidays alone?  a widow recently lost partner, friend needing shoulder, or fellow member that lost their job because of layoff,  as holidays are hard for some folks..

Dr. Prescription states that all is needed is a kind word, smile can change someone, or plate of cookies because you care, loaf of bread, or something you know that will put a smile on someone else face and yours too. Sometimes a listening ear is all that is needed.  Just go with your heart, follow the promptings don’t ignore them You will be a blessing to someone that needs you and you will be blessed too.

Another way to show you care or thinking about someone is telephone call or take them to lunch or invite them for a meal with your family.

 Please be a blessing wherever you are planted…


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