I use to be more creative. Words or thoughts would come into my mind randomly and when they did i would jot them down on piece of scratch paper. Many of them came from patrons that came to my desk or a book that I would retrieve from the shelves. 

As I drove home each day I would ponder and decide how this little piece of information much like a puzzle piece would fit into my world or  think how I could expand on that topic.

Lately I seem more boggled down then normal. Parting from things in your life after 30 years can be mind bogglering. Which is will I am. But on brighter side I have been able to shred more paper waste. Make bundles and blessing others. Parting with items you no  longer need. Decluttering. Keeping some of my artist supplies for when I am back to my creative self again.

One person mentioned their background was from slavery and to look at the journey I am taking as one getting my freedom back.

I been thinking more along the lines of how a flower bulb has laid dormant all winter long and looking forward to the sun shine, gentle rain, wind to brush away the rain drops and sharing its vibrant colors to place smile on someone face. 

I have appreciated those wordpress uplifting messages. One person told me to put myself first which I am not use to doing as I was taught to think of others.

I have had many blessings. God sent messages, glimpses into better life ahead.

Till we meet again…


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