Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 8

bench which seemed safe from having been sat upon by a “Bristol Fan”. The night was warmer and my sleep restful, and I had a fairly good night rest – Rather disliked leaving in the morning as it was hot and the shade from the Grand Stand roof made it a comfortable place to stay but hunger and desire to get through Bristol and on towards Roallen started me on my way. Had little trouble getting on the right road and found the walking fairly good but met few people or cars on the way. A couple miles out from Bristol inquired at a house near the roadside if they could give some food. the man who was outside as I came up said Could you give me some help for a couple of hours? We will have breakfast shortly and you can breakfast with us if you can help me. Anything to keep me from begging, said I and we went into the house and in few minutes we sat down to a good breakfast and they didn’t “Start” the rood but pressed me to eat heartily. After breakfast my “employer” and I had a smoke with our pipes and started to work. He was digging the few remaining post holes. I used a crowbar and a long scissors shovel fro scooping out the dirt loosened by the crowbar. It was hard work, the shovel being quite heavy but I felt in good trim and glad to pay for my meal. It was about three hours before we finished and he said he did not expect it to take so long. Called me to the house and had his wife made a couple of sandwiches and wished me back on my way. During the day I passed them what i was told was the premiere cabbage land of America shipping more of the vegetables than any other spot of equal size. Ruminating so I went along this man’s  pride in his readme convinced me that the loveliest seed must disposed plants might have a king door with devotees as proud as that of the orchids ever though not commercial.

Becoming invited to beating my way”for meals” I had little trouble in getting food and few of them asking antique’ about myself. I may have appeared different for the traveling “Hobo” although I had a fair crop of sandy whiskers and travel worn clothes, but I know language to be so far above theirs that it impressed people that way and gave me a better audience for on several occasions on remarking that I was not a tramp when someone was particularly kind there answer was invariably. “I can see that and am glad to help you on your way.”

Late in the afternoon a young traveling man came along and asked me if I wanted to ride which I gladly accepted as the walk had been tiring and my feet were not feeling the best, and here let say here that in all my  wanderings through five states I never asked anyone in horse drawn vehicles or auto for a ride and yet rode many miles in preferred rides in automobiles.  I heard or read in newspapers I picked along the way, of persons being attacked after tendering some travelers on the road a life on his way and decided I would rather walk then be passed by as possibly a dangerous person. Id not jar me that so few stopped and offered a ride as their feeling were natural and I had no desire to ride with the thousands who under any circumstances would not extend a ride to a stranger.  Their minds not running in that direction and had only one experience in which I found I was not desired as a “pick up”, but more of that later. By dusk we came to a village named Atkins and the young man  stopped at the hotel overnight saying he was going further on the next day and if he ran across me could give a longer ride. Looking about for a place to sleep I asked a man in front of quite a fine residence standing some distance back for the road with spacious grounds if I could sleep in the barn? It was getting dark and told him I had no place to go and did not like to lie on the ground to which he replied that I could get a place to sleep at the next house going to this house I spoke to a woman on the porch asking her to take me in and would pay her for my lodging. I had almost a dollar of money left that had been given me from all appearance concluded she deserved to be paid is she consented as being dark she could not satisfy herself as to what manner of man I was, she consented after a little and we sat on the porch for a couple of hours after having had supper with the family. Had a good nights sleep in a good bed. In the morning she gave me breakfast and put up a lunch for me as soon as earned some money I sent her the money to pay for the meals adn we passed several letters between us which I finally lost and failed to remember her name. It was a most kindly act and will always feel grateful to her. She, I know, could not afford to do this but her’s was a “Heart of Gold” and I can never repay her goodness to me I had no feeling against the man who refused me, whether the owner or a hired man as tramps have often injured their “callings” by acts of some kind. However, I could not help but contrast the two and my preference was to avoid others except in necessity.

The following day I walked to Corning arriving then about six o’clock and stopped to watch a man fixing his tire. to be continued


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