Words of Wisdom etc.

I have been having a lot of health issues and instead of taking the medications the doctors have prescribed. I have decided to eat differently. Inflammation is not fun to live with. It has lessen since I have changed my diet. I am hoping as I continue down this path that it will disappear or not be so hard to deal with.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have a health code I have tried to follow  off and on since becoming a member, but fallen off of it from time to time. I am trying another attempt. This time I have decided to eat more plant food and vegetables.

The Word of Wisdom is a law of health revealed by the Lord for the physical and spiritual benefit of His children. On February 27, 1833, as recorded in section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord revealed which foods are good for us to eat and which substances are not good for the human body. He also promised health, protection, knowledge, and wisdom to those who obey the Word of Wisdom.                                           If you are interested in reading the Words of Wisdom for yourself here is the link: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/dc-testament/dc/89?lang=eng

Last year I was following Lisa Leake, she promotes “100 Days of Real Food.” I took a 6 week course right after the New Year that she was offering to help one to get off of processed food. I lost 20 pounds in doing so. She pointed out  why it was more important for us to read labels and that those processing our foods are putting  ingredients that will actually make us sick and most of us can’t even pronounced the words. She emphasized that eating whole milk was better than low fat as they have to add more sodium to make it taste better. I only eat cheese that is white now, I stay away from all cheese that have been dyed.

I found a Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese in big block at Wal-mart for $8 which will normally last us for a month that is white and made by Cabot.

When we visit my husband’s people up in Wisconsin – they have dairy stores up there. They sell pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese in block. We asked what the difference was? They said the  Pizza Cheese was made from Whole Milk and the mozzarella cheese was made from 2 %. I chose the whole milk cheese. I just use less of it.

My next step was I joined a support group on Facebook (Discover the Words of Wisdom Support Group) that will help  me as  I travel down this road to treat my body better and be able to run and not faint. I hope this will help you too. Please share with me your story. I love to read and hear stories of other people’s journeys.

I am going to be posting recipes that helped me and I am posting them so I can  send a link to those in the support group so they can get the recipe out better too.





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