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my picturePrairie Pine Peddler

I specialize in down to earth Jewelry,                                           Flower Bouquets, Framing/Matting,

I do this as part time business. I am presently a full time reference librarian.

I started out doing family history research for others and covered a four county area in Illinois. (Knox, Stark, Henry, Bureau)

Then I went back to college and started working in the  tech processing dept. at a local library. Later I was join forces with the reference department. We are now called the Information Service Department and  I was made the Associate for this Dept.  A step higher than just a clerk.

A few years ago the library was in need of programming ideas for the young adults. I suggested that a jewelry class might be the thing to do, not the kind where you string up beads, but an actually jewelry class. They came back and asked if I would teach the class, I told them It had been on the back burner for me. So I checked out all the books I could get my hands on.   After studying and reading  on how to create earrings and necklaces, bracelet, etc; I held my first class at the library- little did I know that I would be on demand and not only for the teenagers but adults became interested too.

My boss didn’t know me yet, so she asked me to sign people up to see how many would be interested. I am very good at promoting and ended up with 24 patrons wanting to learn how to create earrings or necklace together.  So after that I got hooked myself.

I started selling my jewelry and have been doing this for about 4 years, starting on my 5th year in 2013. Over the holidays, I decided to try making some snowmen floral arrangements,blue snowman sold(had a friend give me some tips) and they sell really well.




The other holidays I have addressed were Valentine’s Day. I had several different arrangements for this event. Here are few of my designs: DSCN1264




I  had worked at a frame shop before I got married for about six years. I missed not working there so I bought myself a 2nd hand mat cutter. I can cut mats, and assemble them    I  block needle work for framing too.

I have given various  programs in behalf of  the library. I have also given programs to various community organizations over the years on various topics such as card making, photography,  basket weaving, being prepared, repurposing sewing,etc.

I guess there is never a dull moment for me. I am always busy and enjoying what I do.

Thanks, Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler


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