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3 step loop pliers for wire wrapping

My grandmother passed down a pair of round nose pliers, I loved them dearly. One day my rings started turning oval, they were no longer round- they had hit the dust… worn down from so much use.  I tried a pair of 3 Step Wire Looping tool. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I love this new tool as my wire wrapping loops are coming out exactly the same on both ends. Even though I read that one could use a sharpie line on your present pair of round nose pliers. This particular pair of pliers is a success every time. So stop  getting frustrated and pick up a pair of these. You’ll wonder how you ever got along with out them!

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My first attempt


Been intrigued with those wooden spools that have been made into necklaces. My daughters birthday is on Monday, so decided to make one for her. While I’m at it, I decided to make one for myself too .

wooden spool supplies needed for this project


Here are some of the supplies needed for this project: scissors, ink pad, rubber stamps of your choice, strips of paper to wrap around the spool and some tacky glue, beads, and charms of your choice to dandle from the bottom.

I am using some scrapbook paper, then I measured the width of the spool and used a paper cutter to cut my strip. I cut three strips. One for a pattern and other two for the two spools I am making.

Then I decided to rubber stamp before gluing the strip around the spool.  For this particular spool, I had rubber stamp that states it is New York  stamped both ends of the spools with this stamp. See below –

Rubber Stamped top of wooden spool I thought it made the spool look more authentic.

P1070280Next I  added a  gold tone metal leaf,  a brass bird and it needed one more thing so I added some gemstones i had sitting around. All the charms hanging have been wire wrapped so they can’t fall off. I thought some matching earrings would be nice too. So used the same leaf that was dangling from spool and made earrings. See below-




This is what this necklace looks like – I used a black round cord, I placed two knots at each end but thought she could decided what length she would like…wooden spool necklace


gold tone feathers


I decided to be creative with wrapping it. I used a match box and covered it with brown paper, lined it with a napkin and here is the wrapping paper I am going to use.

Wooden spool necklace in creative gift boxP1070287


If we will use it


I am trying new things in jewelry making for instance, I purchased a couple of books on art of wire wrapping. I can’t get over how easy it is to wrap wire when you have the right size wire gauge. I am also wanting to engage or have love affair with copper etching and patina.

Yesterday while working someone brought in a 2 foot twisted round coppper wire for me. I told them sure I would love to try my hand at flattening or creating with this wire. I am anxious to get started. Will have to wait till iI have enough time to tackle a project with this wire. Meanwhile my mind starts thinking and planning out things in my head.

Every once in while my journal will have neat quote –

“When so rich a harvest is before us, why do we not gather it? All is in our hands if we will but use it.”  ~ELizabeth Seton



Pinterest Pinning

This is  how I surf on  Pinterest.

When I am on a board and looking at all the neat ideas. This is what I like to do.

If I find one that I want to pin to my board.

I click on Pin.

But when the board comes up that it came from, if it looks interesting (cover page) then I will right click on the picture and open it up in a new tab.

Then after I am done viewing that page I will go to each of the tabs that I selected to open up and view them one by one and do the same thing to them. In this way I think you can cover more territory.

But of course you do have to have a lot of times on your hands.

Happy Pinning!

Advanced Searching in Pinterest

Another way to search in Pinterest?

This is quick crash course and will save you time.

I would like to share a technique that I use.  I use this a lot at work and home when I am searching for solutions on the web. This is what I do when I am pinning on Pinterest.

Here is example: let’s say you just pinned your favorite item. ok I pinned a bracelet to one of my boards.

illus 1

  • As soon as you click on the Pin it button
  • Right after that a dialog box – showing you that you successfully pinned
  • comes up.
  • illus 2
  • at this very point is where I like to put my mouse cursor over the photo
  • Right click on the photo (see illustration below)
  • Menu comes up – you’ll want to select “Open Link in New Tab”
  • Then you will Left click on it.
  • right click menuThe purpose for this is so when you are finished searching on the page, later you can go to any of the windows you have opened up in New Tab and go thru them the same way you did with the previous page.
  • Please note I only do this if the artist site is intriguing
  • This can be done continuously so that you can have many windows ready to view when you are finished looking at the  the board you are on.
  • I find this both helpful and a time saver as well. As you don’t have to go back thru the item to find them again.
  • If you find that you like at least 3/4 of their page, it is good idea to just follow them -Instead of having to pin everything to your board.
  • At least that is my take on this.
  • Please Note this does not work if you do it on the actual picture as it will only open the picture in new window and the picture will be enlarged.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me if you don’t understand, hope this is helpful. I love this and use it all the time.

ttyl Mary O.

Pinterest Editing 1

Did you know that you can change  your categories within a Pinterest Board?

I found this out just today. I was messing around with the EDIT  button.

I had put one item in my JEWELRY IDEAS BOARD when I really meant to put it into my JEWELRY POLYMER BOARD.  

  • First click on  EDIT button (it looks like a pencil),
  • The board description dialog box comes up – see illustration below
  • Where it states board name, there is drop down arrow on the right side
  • Click on the drop down arrow and all your boards names come up
  • Scroll down to the board you want it to be in
  • Then click on the Save Button.
  • Your item will move from one board to another!
  • I think this is neat feature!!!

Pinterest instruction

you can view my board at

Thanks for looking till later Mary O.

Listening Pays Off

downloadI must say when I was growing up, my mother use to tell me that I didn’t listen very well.  But now that I am older and wiser… listening has paid off in some aspects. But in other parts of my life, I have not listen well but was able to find solutions that may not have come if I had listen.

Here is an example. I often help others with their genealogical brick walls. I had a man contact me about 5 years ago looking for his great grandmother. She supposedly had lived in Galva all her life and died there. After looking in varies resources, this lady could not be found. So I didn’t think any more about it.

Then one day this man makes a visit to the library where I work in. He is still looking for this same person. So that day instead of listening to him about how his grandmother lived in certain town, I thought to myself, this town didn’t have hospital, so if she did take ill, she would have to go either to south into the next county or stay in this county and go where a hospital was.

Sure enough she was found in the next city west as to where she grew up. I didn’t listen to this man this time, I kind of went on instinct and so when mother said I didn’t’ listen very well, she was right.  I have found answers from not listening to the bare facts. So if you are going to be a genealogical  detective you will need to look at all the angles and all the items that are not visible as well.

It is very important to be good listener and not talk all the time. If you find yourself talking then you are probably not listening to those around you. When you stop to listen be sure to observe how things are accomplished. I recently received a compliment for being a great observer.

Sometime this summer, one of my coworkers knows I make jewelry. She mentioned she saw this really cute key chain that had chunky beads and she would be interested in something like that sometime. So last night I started thinking back on this conversation and was able to put together a key chain for her. She likes purple so that became my theme. I took it to work to show her today and i didn’t expect her to purchase it but she did.

I often listen to my customers that come to my table during craft shows. Listening has helped me to know what they are wanting or looking for;,some want long earring, some want clip on dangling earrings, some like all black, some like purple.

I have heard comments like “Oh, there are dangling earrings on Clip On”. I have so many people thanking me for having clip ons. So listening and observing helps you to  know what to carry in your shop. Here is one of my recent keychains I made. P1050349

created by Mary O. @ Prairie PIne Peddler