Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts


This is what I have been working on since the New Year. This is the first one. I have two more to go. I will post them as they get completed..Have you thought about Valentine’s Day yet? I did I am making apron’s for my grandkids this year.




Last minute gift wrapping idea


I am getting ready for Christmas and have run out cookie tins. I just didn’t find that perfect one to give to someone. However, I saw something on Pinterest recently that came to mind when I was trying to come up with a gift wrapping idea for some cookie treats I wanted to give to someone.

I had a #10 can, I sprayed painted it with a dark red gloss paint I had purchased at Walmart. Then I found a box and put my can in there and sprayed it on the outside only. Today when I came from work I found some white gloss acrylic paint. I stuck a old tooth brush down into the bottom , pull it out and moved the bristle back and forth to give the can the look of snow flakes on the can. I used some wire and made handle.

I filled the can with three layers of different cookies.. The last bunch were peanut butter blossoms and here and there I would throw in some Christmas kisses to give it some color. I tied a ribbon to one side of the handles, I think I will make a smaller mittlen and hang it down to as a gift card to the person I am going to give it too. Here is how it turned out:   

Preserving Family Recipes


Some years back I met someone that wanted to preserve their family recipes that had been handed down. They were also gathering  favorite recipes their children grew up with so they would not be lost until one day they would appreciate them or would want them.

So I gathered up my mom’s and my grandmother that have become familiar and well loved. I included the ones I have made recently and others that my daughter loved as a kid.  Now if you know me I like to be creative when I give a gift whether to family or friends. Have you ever received a gift and you liked the package better than the item?. That actually happened to me this past Christmas. But of course I would not say anything to indicate this.

I looked for a photo album that would fit 4×6 recipe cards. I didn’t want it to be to big or awkward. I wanted to make sure it would fit on shelf and not be oversized.

I found a photo album that fit my criteria. The pages had plastic sleeves that my recipe cards would fit in perfectly.

I like that idea that families that garden together stay together. Based on that concept – my daughter seems to like bird things in her house. So I decided to use that as my theme. I came up with “Birds of Feather, Bake Together”

Then I gathered all my materials and made a mixed media cover to house the recipe cards. Here is picture of what I came up with. I used tape around edges using her favorite colors blue and green.  Assorted paper to make my collage, ink, rubber stamps and rub on letters and then put modge podge over the entire front and back cover. I put the date on front so she would remember when she received this.

I am really happy to report she was really excited with her gift. She loved the cover too! Bingo nice when your daughter appreciates something you made for them.  She also loved this because I left room for her to add some others as time passes by. It seems- she uses the same size card I use. Like Mother like daughter. She’s my daughter. So that all in nut shell for today!









The Great Pumpkin Not


September October

Ah, I think Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I have memories of my grandmother she always like to go east to visit her friends and classmates in October. The leaves would be in their most beautiful state that you could image along the highway in vast shades of oranges you could image, dark red, yellows., you name the color was just so breathtaking.

This fall arrangement should last three months. September the leaves are just starting to fall off the trees, October you think of halloween, pumpkins, squash, fall crops, and November the earth is slowly going from orange to brown bracing itself against the cold weather coming in December.   There is Japanese Lantern. I just love the thin little but bright color plant that produces such a unique lantern.  More information can be obtained here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physalis_alkekengi

I have also included a dark orange eucalyptus, sunflowers, burnt yellow mums, orange and yellow  daisys and small pumpkins in base of the vase. Just absolutely beautiful. The vase is tall glass cylinder. Designed by Mary @ Prairie Pine Peddler.

The price for this arrangement is $22.. I have included two views. One at the top and one below.

S Fall 5

Happy 4th July

Meals on Wheels Donation

Meals on Wheels Donation

Funding lost for Meals on Wheels.

A fund raiser  is being arranged at the Baker’s  Park  Golf Course in Kewanee, Illinois. (2013)

I stopped at the Senior Citizen Resale Shop over month ago for another reason. In the course of the conversation, they asked if I would make something for their auction.

So this is how this 4th July Celebration Bouquet came about.  It was a lot of fun to make.

This is paper mache box and the red and white stripe is the lid. the stars is the main base of the box.

The flowers are silk carnation in red, white and, blue all the way around.. Standing up in the middle is of the bouquet is red, white, blue stripe  pin wheel.

The contents consist of  Nestle Crunch, Babe Ruths, Red,White and Blue tootsie rolls. It is accented with paper flags, cupcake 4th of July toppers.

This is adorable bouquet. This is sure to be the prize centerpiece that people will ooh and ah over..

The cost of this is $35 dollars. Shipping would be additional Thanks for looking.

Interested parties can email me.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear sing a song

So I was thinking about this Teddy Bear Bouquet I put together. Trying to look at this from different angles. Firsts, I thought about the history of bears and here is one website you ??????????might find interesting http://www.purr-fectgifts.com/history/teddy_bear.htm

Then when I got back from grocery shopping this saying popped into my brain “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, I was thinking where did I hear that, then I remembered it was something I use to jump rope too. Something about touch the ground. So that led me to the internet to look up the rest of this rhyme. Then the slide whistle seems to be rare and came out in 1954.

Thought it was pretty neat site.

So I am back to describing my Ganz Teddy Bear in bucket with handle. The bucket has a cute array of teddy’s watching all the way around it. Then I filled it up with filler. This bears name is Melissa at least that is what her tag states. Of course you could give her a nick name.

This Ganz Bear still has her tags on when she was created. She is number H7997.  She has personality with her fuzzy hair.  She is  resting with her musical instruments waiting for someone to come and play with her.  There are two maracas, one tambourine and one mighty cute slide whistle (Vintage Cat/Bird about 1954). http://www.all-pop.com/kids_pages/KD0029_catcanarywhistle.htm

This is recommended for 5 years old and older. I only have one of these. This would be great gift for grandchild. Because this container has a lid and a handle . That  would make a great way to carry all your items  to visit grandmother’s house. She got an eye on you.

The cost for this is $15.00. Shipping is additional.  This was designed by Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler.

Don’t let this get away. Great Gift and Reasonable Priced.

I can be reached at pinepeddler@gmail.com

Thanks for looking!

Happy Father’s Day


#1 DAD

Happy Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Here is cute way of letting DAD know that he is #1

Happy Father’s Day wording goes around this cylinder. Along with cute paper tie stating that                                                      DAD is Super Cool!

                                 Container Contents:                                                               3 Baby Ruth, 3 Tootsie Rolls, 3 Snickers, 3 Trix,  and 2 Musketeers candy bars. Sure to be favorite of Dads.

     Reserve one today, Email : pinepeddler@gmail.com

         This is wrapped in cellophane bag. Comes with gift card

                                             Price: $ 11.00 tax included. Thanks for stopping by