Cool Crop Duster


Boy did we have an unusual experience this afternoon. I was inside when my husband asked me to come outside. There was this terrific sound and I was not sure what he was going to show me. All of sudden out of nowhere across our trees it flew over, you could hear the noise of his engine really really loud. The trees stand next to our driveway.  He was flying so low that he looked like he was going down our country road that is in front of our house. . Boy did I want a picture of that. I ran back into the house to get my  camera on my phone. But he didn’t come that close again. I could hear the sound of his engine it was almost fearful. He traveled back and forth then going down into the corn crop across the street from where we lived.

Then he started making bigger circles that he went further out and he crossed over our yard out further and then he circle around drop really close to the ground. You see he was spraying the corn with something. It was a one man plane. The plane was painted a bright yellow color so you could not miss it.. So you could see it and hear it very plainly.

It was something else. the big excitement for us for the day. Hope I explained it well enough that you could imagine yourself here today.


Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 12 Final episode

In September a workman who had been at Pillings & Sons,  when my father had worked there saw him at a local baseball game and got in touch with us. Uncle Ben went out to make sure it was our father as we had followed many false clues. He was my father, but didn’t recognize Uncle Ben or anything that he told him nor return to Philadelphia with him. Ella, his daughter went out to Cleveland that night by train to see what she could do. Sometime after John had arrived in Cleveland he had gotten work doing something with electrical light bulbs and insisted on Uncle Ben going to his employer to get a good reference for him. When father arrived home from work I went out to meet him on the porch steps and leaned over and kissed him, no response, no idea who I was.  That afternoon, I talked a great deal to him about his past life beyond May 8, 1923 and he would not go home to a wife he didn’t know but agreed to go to Uncle Ben’s house.

During our conversation he became stiff and lapsed into an odd spell did this twice and said he could see a woman and was sure he would recognize her again. We took the sleeper to Philadelphia and after waking in the morning he told us of a dream where some women were in the ocean laughing and lauhging. Four maiden English women lived next door to us in Philadelphia. They were very close friends and enjoyed laughing. Once when they were in the ocean swimming one of them lost their false teeth and we could imagine how the rest must of just laughed!

Frank, my fiance picked us up at the station and drove- as we passed where my mother had lived before being married, my father said that the house is very familiar to me and he thought that the Main Line was familiar. When my Aunt Ada met us at the door he again had no recognition of her. There was an unusual big mirror covering half the side wall he looked at that and said, “I’ve seen that mirror before.” We had breakfast while Frank went to get my mother. We were standing in the living room when my mother came in calling “Jack”, “Jack” he turned and recognized her then asked where is Ella?, where is Lilly, the little black dog? The broke down and cried and things came back to him.

He and my mother went to the shore for two weeks which the doctor suggested. After that he was perfectly normal and before long went back to work at Pillings in a less important position with less responsibility as he formerly was a shipping manager. He worked until about week before he died. He died of pneumonia on 20 April 1934 at the age of 77. He had been gone from the age of 64 till age 67. The only change that there seemed to be was how he watched his money as this was natural because on May 5th he didn’t have any. It is also suppose that he took on the name of John Farnham as his sister lived on Farnham Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. John took notes every place he stayed on grocery bags. He kept a log so he could pay back the money that was loaned to him as he went along. This is something similar he would have done in ordinary life and through out his life he has kept notes much like a journal.

This journal doesn’t tell you every place he stayed as I came across a letter giving an account of places he stayed and with whom.

Memory was gone on May 8th – first day I can remember awoke in C&C shed at Gray’s Shed with nothing but wearing apparel I wore. Walked along the railroad and caught in sudden storm soaking wet from knees down. Then came to mountain cabin after dark and they kept me over night and dried out my clothes at fireplace.

May 9th – Gate City, Virginia – Spent the night in empty railroad car                                     May 10th – Speer Ferry – Night in empty house                                                                       May 11- Near Duffield – House on Route 2 George Miller                                                 May 12th – Big Stone Gap – rain & wet from knees down                                                     May 13th – Norton and back to Appalachia – Virginia Night in empty car                          May 14th –  Duffield – night empty cabin                                                                           May 15th – 2 miles from Gate City- night in construction car (rain)                                   May 16th – Mendota – night in old mill                                                                                 May 18th – Atkins, Virginia – Mrs. S. A. McIntyre House long ride in auto                        May 19th – Roanoke Virginia – night in railroad round house                                            May 20th -night abandon church                                                                                      May 21st – country or barn                                                                                                May 22nd – Near Verona – night in barn                                                                                 May 23rd – near Winchester – night in school house awfully cold                                           May 24th – near Green castle – night in barn near Hagertown,Pennsylvania                         May 25th – near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – night in barn                                               May 26th – Shippenburg, Pennsylvania – night in barn                                                         May 27th – Carlisle, Pennsylvania –                                                                                         May 28th – Midway between Carlisle & Harrisburg – barn                                                       May 29th – 3 miles north of Harrisburg                                                                                     May 30th – 20 miles North of Harrisburg                                                                                 May 31st – 35 miles from North of Harrisburg – night in a barn                                        June 1st – Susquehanna University – Selins Grove Sleepy Hollow Mr Forest                   June 3rd – 5 miles North of Northumberland – Mr. Forrest                                                       June 4th – 16 miles south of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, night in barn                                   June 5th – 3 miles North of Elmira, New York – approached wet under barn                           June 6th – 6 miles North of Addison – night in barn                                                                   June 7th – 1 mile North of Jasper – Andrew Murphy family, (boy Neal) supper & lodging     June 8th – 5 miles North Dansville – barn cold rain                                                                 June 9th – 50 miles East of Buffalo – night in barn                                                                 June 10th – 1/2 mile east of E. Pembroke – night in barn                                                         June 11th – June 16th – Murray Cranndall – worked $1:00 per day and board                         June 17th – 3 miles West of Penbroke – night in barn                                                               June 18th – Buffalo – car at night licked in L V Railroad – night in barn                                   June 19th – N. Evan (12 miles south of Buffalo)  night barn                                                 June 20th – Portland New York – 52 miles of Buffalo – open shed night                                   June 21st – 20 miles north of Erie, Pennsylvania – night shed                                               June 22nd – 12 miles north of Erie, Pennsylvania – night barn                                                 June 23rd – 8 miles south of Erie , Pennsylvania – night barn                                                  June 24th – 19 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania – night barn                                                June 25th – 45 miles East of Cleveland – night – slept out on ground at camp                         June 26th – Ohio – engaged to work, farm                                                                               Nov 1-11th – at John Hall – farmer                                                                                             Nov. 12th – Cleveland

The following is some background history of John Aikin Falck. He was born in Williamstown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 23 Feb 1857. Williamstown was later changed to Vintage.  His mother died in child birth. He had a brother Edward Falck who married Mary Kneipp and sister Mary Elizabeth who married Eldwin Johnson. His father remarried and his step mother was Mary Salone Schmucker whom raised him. He had a step sister: Laura Falck and two step brothers namely Charles and Milton Falck.

His mother’s family was from Wales and his father’s family was from Germany. He grew up near Lancaster and were Lutherans.

He attended Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster later changed to Philadelphia School of Pharmacy and became a druggist. After graduation he decided to travel. He went West working as a druggist. As he traveled he wrote to the Lancaster newspaper: “The New Era”  (there is a book that someone has kept up on all the articles he wrote in to the paper about his traveling experiences.)

He went to Los Angeles, California  then onto Australia living in Sidney for about three years then on to India, which is now Pakistan where he lived there for seven years. Before returning to the states he traveled in Europe and then came back to Philadelphia where he met his wife and married Esther Hunt Hansell on 17 October 1899. they lived on Wynnewood Ave. in Pennsylvania until his death.

John was very fond of children and they liked him too. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When John was in Jasper, New York he came to the home of Andrew Murray and he went to the door and asked if he could sleep in the barn, Neal answered and went and got his father, said he could sleep in their home. Ella went to see them after her father had died. They had felt later that he wasn’t an ordinary tramp, they had tired to go after him, but he must have gotten a lift. He made a BIG impression on them and especially on Neal. After Father got to Cleveland he wrote a thank you note and gave his address in Cleveland. From then on they were his adopted family and they sent him presents and especially at Christmas. They really adopted each other.

After he came home, two daughters visited us in Philadelphia and later Mother (John’s wife) Jack ( my son) and I (Jack’s mother) stopped to see them in Jasper, New York. That’s when they told us they tried to catch up with him.      

Thank you for taking interest in this family story and for your likes, Mary



How I Lost 20 lbs

Last year I signed up to receive newsletter from “100 Days of Real Food”  Here is her website:

Most of the time I didn’t read them as they seem to be more focused on young children’s lunches. My children were grown but I was interested in her concept. Then right after Christmas she had offer that in 6 weeks you could get yourself off of  process food. I wasn’t sure about all that was involved, but the price was inviting, I had thought about going back to Weight Watches but there prices were screaming at me and my pocket book could not wrap around the cost. So I decided to settle with this 6 week course from Lisa Leake. My legs were paining me and I wanted to eat better so I could serve the Lord better. So that is the reason I decided to try this course.

I learn things I had not even consider process before. Some of the ingredients has always baffled me not knowing why they were in there and why. So I learned some new things and started following the course. Each week she gave you something to work on. I have lost 10 pounds from following her course. Then I started walking and lost 10 more pounds. I seem to be able to keep it off. I haven’t walked lately due to my siatic nerve and back  pain but as soon as I can I am going to get back into it again. I feel better. I have been able to get back into my smaller size clothes. I have more energy. I really recommend this way of eating. I don’t even count calories, I just make sure I eat my fruit and vegetables and occasional meat. I am not a big meat fan to begin with. I am more conscious as to what not to pick up. I stay out of fast food resturants.

I had some teeth work done recently and that really curved me away from white sugar which was another thing that helped me loose my weight.

I hope this helps someone that is wanting to lose weight and learn new things about the food culture out there. I am always searching for new homemade cooking ideas now. My board on  pinterest called Recipes to try has some great ideas that I have used.

Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 11

There was a large garden and in addition a half acre of potatoes and the cause of sweet corn, all needing attention. The occupants of the house were the son, wife, three young children, a nurse and a cook. The next morning went to work in the garden and kept up that work until Saturday and was then paid $8.00. It came to my mind than that I had better come to an understanding about the $2.00 a day, whether it meant everyday or only days I worked so I spoke to the father about it as he had engaged me. I didn’t feel attached to him from the first but did like the son. He said his terms were only days I could work and I said mine was $2.00 a day rain or shine and including Sunday. After arguing the matter I said I would leave after he said, Well, John I guess you’ll have to go. ” and when I was walking away he called, “You’d had better see my son first.” I looked him up after talking the matter over he told me to stay and the pay would be $14.00 a week. Barring the Sunday, it turned out to be 50 -50 as it was a very dry summer and there was not more that a day and half all toll when  could not work, those often being inside work that I could do when there was rain and I had to work all day July 4 Labor Day. It left a bad taste in the Father’s though and as he seemed to have as much direction about the place as the son, did all the “bossing” and we were at logger ____ heals most of teh time. After once telling me about what he wanted done about the  place the son left it all to me except when he wanted something special done. He went to the nearest town, ten miles distant and purchased some tinware, coffee pot and gave me the use of two burner kerosene stove which they kept in the laundry on wash day , but I had to carry this back and forth each wash day.

The garden was backward and it took lots of work to get it going, but eventually there were all kinds with plenty tomatoes etc. I could utilize anything I wanted in the garden and later came potatoes and sweet corn. I managed well as to my meal,s but sometimes the work was terrific for one not accustomed to it for I knew I never had done any such work during my stay, I loaded gravel, dug ditches, mowed lawns, cleared lots of ground of weeds 3 x 4 high using a ____________, and many times hoed all day long until I thought my back would break and often went to bed with my underclothes still damp not having any others or a night shirt. One day I dug a hole five feet deep and about 6′ x 4′.

It was intensely hot and when evening came I as wet thru. not a dry stitch on me. Some notes I had in my pocket were wet I had to be most careful in separating them for fear of tearing the money. I made a point to save all possible for I did not want to go to the road again and did save $10.00 a week besides buying some necessaries in clothing. I was one away one day and there I had to go to Cleveland to see a podiatrist as a soft corn and callous on my feet became so bad I could not walk without pain and of course limping. At the end of October they closed the house and went to Florida for the winter, gave me the privilege of using the garage during the winter if I wished to stay and take up the work again in the spring. He was short of cash when he left and said he would mail the money which he did shortly after in addition to $5.00 dollars extra which he said was on account of faithful service etc. I than hired out to a farmer in the neighborhood $12.00 a week and board but I only stayed two weeks as the work was too hard, ten cows, three horses, to look after and a room without any heat.

Came to Cleveland and here I have been until the present, unable to get any work of any kind. The reserve is getting low and only by close economy can I hold out until April. This being Feb 15 a couple of jobs I missed by a few minutes, was turned down more than once on account of age. I gave 60 years uncertain as to what is correct but more I feel sure. Have been looking daily for something but it has been a dull winter here many being out of work and many applicants for all work. It has been an cold winter, though a couple times it has been almost zero but no heavy snowfalls. Spare time from looking for work I have passed at the library, searching newspapers and reading. Doesn’t appear much prospect of coming across any information about myself, but I’ll keep at it as the slightest incident might stir my memory.

Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 10

Then she wanted me to stay the summer, but I know I could not stand the work, three horses and two cows to attend to handling bushel wood______ of pot stove and left Sunday morning of all the houses I had ever been in I never heard such swearing and the grandmother led them all. There were four generations, the youngest a boy of two years. That day I  walked three miles west of Pembroke and slept in an abandoned barn having been refused shelter at a couple places.

Passing thru Buffalo which I reached by noon and I had my shoes soled and also was shaved, first time since leaving Selins Grove. It was a long hot walk thru the city to the Lake Shore and before I could get out of the city it was getting dark and coming by the freight sheds the Lehigh Valley Railroad. I hopped into one of the empty cars on a track outside to pass the night. Some time during the night I was awakened by the cars bumping and after some shifting the train whisked ahead and I was bound to go either East or West as it was too dark to get off. However, it finally backed again and into the long train shed. When leaving the car in the morning I found the big doors at the end closed and could not open them and no one about. I having moaned for an hour or more and then a guard came in thru a small door and seeing me threatened to arrest me. When I explained how I happened to be inside he eased up some and finally let me out.

I went by the Bethlehem Steel Plant and thought it would never end, but in time came on the main road to Erie stopped in a barn overnight near North Evans, the following day reached North Portland 52 miles from Buffalo. Applied at a farmer’s beyond the town for shelter, but he would not let me sleep in the barn, but I could use an old carriage shed. When I slept on some corn fodder. Before dark the hired man came to me and we talked for an  hour and when I mentioned Salies Grove he said he had been there a few days before in a car to bring home some of the students who lived in the village, the school time having ended.  He started to tell me about the escapade with the gin horse about which I have previously written and we  had a good laugh over it.

The next evening I was 20 miles from Erie and passed the night in a barn. The following day it was intensely hot my knee pained and I made only 8 miles – came by a shed early and passed the night fairly comfortable. The following day was also very hot but I had a few miles ride. On walking through Erie which was sizzling hot I came be a fire station and finding some chairs on the shaded sidewalk sat down to rest and eat some soda crackers. A fireman came out and seeing what I was eating said it was pretty dry eating and if I would wait a few minutes he would make me some coffee in a few minutes he called me to follow him into the base. Went where they had a kitchen and in addition to the coffee gave me bread and butter and some cakes.

At Christmas I sent a card to the station. That night arrived at Swanville eight miles south of Erie and asking for supper at a house met a most kindly welcome from man and wife who kept me over night on a cot in the kitchen and provided supper and breakfast. On Sunday I walked about 15 miles and had no trouble in getting into a barn for the night. The next day had a long ride and by night was at a tourist camp 45 miles from Cleveland. There was only one barn about and I was refused entry so I went into the camp at dusk and located under a tree between two auto campers one of which parties became friendly and I sat up with the man and wife until late hour and then I made my bed on the hard ground but it was toss and turn all night. Strange to say altho there had been heavy dew every night there was normal at night, fortunately for me. In the morning the campers gave me breakfast and I started on expecting them to pass me on the road. They did not intend to start until a couple hours later. I had been walking for about an hour when a couple young ladies came along in a car and asked me where I was going?  I said, “Cleveland” and they told me to get in and they could take me as far as Painsvilles a long distance to walk and arrived there about noon. One of the girls insisted on my taking a dollar she tendered me but would not give me their names and address.

I walked several miles further and stopping at a house to get a drink met a man in a Ford truck who said he could take me along for several miles. During our talk he asked if I wanted work and I said, “Yes, if it is any work I can do. “His son, he said, wanted a man to work about the place, have a room over the garage and board myself, there being a store in the village where I could get what I needed and the pay would be $2.00 a day. I agreed (June 26) to try it and if satisfactory to his son would stay. We turned off the main road and on the way passed thru Kirkland where the Mormon build their first temple which is still used by them but no  longer known as the Mormon Church. About 2 o’clock we reached the place a village of about two dozen scattered houses and one store. The father lived in the village Fullertown and the son on the edge of the place when he had a fine house built on rising ground with large lawns on three sides and a private road on the other through the grounds.The garage some distance beyond the house was large enough for three cars and a work shop which of course made a large loft above where I found a cot, bedding, table and chair, and rocker.

to be continued…