My Heart Throbs

When you listen to someone else’s troubles, you don’t feel so bad. I was kind of feeling sad that my dad is slowly dying. Hospice didn’t think my dad would last till Mother’s Day, but quess what they don’t know when God will be ready for him. So he is still with us. My daughter said he has been sharing things with my sister so she will know how to handle things after he is gone. It’s amazing but he was pretty good at the stock markets.  He never bought nursing home insurance either. But his stay in the nursing home was he didn’t even have to touch his principal but lived off the interest. I wish he would have shared more of his knowledge with us when we were growing up. But back in those days they didn’t share things with their children. Well at least my family didn’t.

So I called a friend as I was sad about somethings, then she shared things with me. One of things that has been on my mind all week long, was she has daughter that is in an abusive relationship. It is really called domestic violence.

I did some research on the Internet to better understand situation. Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic abuse or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.  She told me some of the things her husband has done to her daughter. He acts like an animal.  I just can’t  understand why they have to act the  way they do. It is mind blowing. It makes me hurt thinking about it and glad I didn’t have to go through something like that.

Her daughter did try to leave but went back as she had no place to go. My thought is, doesn’t the police give them an option of going to women shelter?   Her daughter shared things with her mother. Her mother has tried to tell he they love her but it has to be her decision. It is hard for me to understand why someone lives that way, some can’t get away because they don’t trust there instincts, others are fearful or afraid of the aftermath. She  has had her nose broken twice, hit in head, punched in the stomach, been unconscious for few hours.  She has no communication with her family as this person has taken her phone away from her. Has camera all thru the house, alarms goes off if she tries to go out. How much can person go thru before they wake up.

There are a lot of domestic cases and many of those that are the victims don’t make it and are killed. It just saddens me. I think they would need counseling too so not get involved with same kind of person again. I have lost sleep, offered up prayers and now I guess I let it go and hope God will take care of it.

I guess I was just trying to express my feelings. If you try to do something even calling the police unless they have place to go, you could put them in more jeopardy, then they are now. I guess people who do this to others were abused as children so they think it is normal to treat their wives the same way their father’s did. I feel like my hands are tied behind my back.

We all are suppose to have our freedom of choice. God has given us our free agency. But boy are the people that controlled others boy will they have a lot to answer for in the here after. Satan is raging in some people’s hearts. May we give kind words to those we meet, let those around us know if we observe they are going through similar circumstances. Smile it may lift someone that needs it. Please pray that those that have the strength will leave their abusers for a better life. even peace and quiet then the contention in a home.

Here’s website to help you understand or what to know more:

There is also National Hotline that one can call 800 number too.



Flash Flooding Notes

Hello today we had a flash flooding alert come over our phones today. I really didn’t think much if it. I didnt think it pretained to us until i went down for the first time and notice some water had trickled in around edges of basement walls. Later on after noon i was going to make flower arrangement when the basement had turn for the worse. My husband had used bathroom but it seemed it had not gone down where it was suppose to have. We tried using shop vac that didnt work. He decided to run snake down to see if there was something being blocked but that didn’t seem to be the problem. Then he got pump and used his handy drill to pump water out thru a hose. It would have  worked but because of ground water and still raining we finally decided it was getting ahead of us. We gave up and  decided to wait and call plumber tomorrow. What a back breaking day it was not very fruitful. I rushed around making sure boxes were off floor.  I did loose two boxes in my art room that i had not put away. Everything was wet inside.

What have I learned from this?

Use plastic containers for storage

Keep valuables on first floor

Have emergency kit near door that you will exit along with portable toilet for emergency.




On Call Doctor

We had an “on call Doctor” visit my father while he was in the hospital recently. After all he is 92, but he keeps getting aspiration pneumonia with complications. This time he spent some time in ICU. Then he was transferred to regular room. But there were some questions that needed to be answered. So the nurse contacted us stating there  was “doctor on call” that would answer some of our unanswered questions.

When this “on call Doctor” arrived, he approached Dad on the left side of his hospital bed, we told the Doctor he needed to be on the right side as that was side dad could hear better from.  The one thing I liked about this doctor was when he was near the bed, he turned to see who we were. I spoke up and told him I was Mary, a daughter, my sister said she had power of attorney for dad and my daughter introduce herself.  It was nice that he acknowledge us. He said he could tell that we were caring family. He probably noted that our mother wasn’t there but nothing was said about her.

So the “on call Doctor” walked around to the other side of the bed so dad could hear,  then the  doctor placed his hand on his shoulder and told him there was nothing more the hospital could do for him, and that he was dying.

I wondered how my father felt when this kind doctor had to give him this news? My father didn’t  bear any sign or crack in his voice at all, he didn’t have any tears in his eye.  Then the doctor went on to say that his father died when he was 20 years old, but was taken care of by hospice  and highly recommended that for our father. I felt that this particular doctor was sent to us. I felt he was an angel to deliver this message in such a way. I just felt something special about this doctor.

The next day the Hospice came the next afternoon to talk to all of us. Arrangements were going to be made as he would be returning back to his nursing home. The hospice would come in and check on him two times a week. When he gets his complications again they would be there to administer what was needed to keep him comfortable.

My sister asked us not to let our mother know when he passes. But I know that my mother has always had six sense about her. So I think even if we don’t  tell her she will know.

So it has been about 3 weeks and he is weak but he is still with us. He has good head and is alert through out all of this.




To the Rescue

I am retired now, it feels good. Sometimes some of my weeks feel like everyday is Saturday.  So many Saturdays I had to work and wasn’t able to be out in the sunshine but now I can be outside. It feels good.

Now that I am retired I wanted to volunteer some place, but haven’t decided. I am not in hurry as I am still enjoying being home and doing some things that I have been wanting to finish up when I was still working.  I also moved to larger city so I am excited to explore the town that I had lived in when I was 11. Anyhow, an old friend called and invited me to a Club she belongs to. They raise money to give to local charities. So my friend picked me up 20 minutes before the meeting was to start.

She was texting when I got into the car. Boy everyone is texting. I thought to myself, I had forgotten to ask all the pertinent questions, like how long was this meeting going to last. So we tried this for two months to attend,  but each time the snowy weather and cold temperatures were not on our side. Finally this week we were able to attend. I went as her guest. I knew she had lady coming to talk about heart health but that was all I knew.

Seems you sign in, sign up for upcoming events. They were selling raffle tickets for white elephant gift someone brought for this month. If you new or visiting you get a Guest badge to wear. Lots of people came to say hi or asked if I was going to join. Kept telling them I wasn’t sure.

My friend is the program chairman and she was concerned as her speaker had not arrived.  She contacted the speaker only to find out speaker had written her engagement on wrong day.  So they were trying to decide what to do. So I spoke up and said I would do it. My friend was shock that I would offer the first day there. But I have had a lot of experience in getting up in front of people.

I told my friend that I could give talk on genealogy. I just had done program at Genealogical Society on Monday, so felt I could pull something off my cuff. Everyone was surprised that being there for the first time that I was willing to help them. I involved the members so they didn’t have to just sit and listen to me. I had lots of people come up to me afterwards and either identified with the information or thanked me for coming and being brave to get up.

I feel I have been taught to be a leader, it makes one feel good to help out. That’s my story and I am stickin to it.

5% cash back

Got an ad in the mail the other day. A credit card company would give me it was either 2% or 5% back on the first $2,000 dollars I spent using their credit card.

Boy what a rip off. Besides charging isn’t always good way to go. Living within your means is.  Then I thought to myself, I wonder how many  people fall for this. Then my next thought was, if I spent that somewhere, then the person that turns it in has to pay a fee and then they raise their cover the fees.  So why not just pay cash, they get their money and the price doesn’t go up to ridiculously.

So in that deal who really wins, do you enjoy spending more for product because of gimmicks?  I shook my head, and threw the ad into the trash, they wasted their stamp to my mailbox.

Those are my thoughts today. Till later…


How many times do you hear some one say “I’m Sorry” ?

of course some people like to say read my lips, LOL

Not really, I was at restaurant recently and this older couple was sitting at table eating dinner. The lady kept coughing her head off and kept saying sorry to her partner. Then she would cough some more and say sorry again. First of all it wasn’t her fault, she apparently was eating something that was irritating her throat making her cough her head off. Then a lady next to their table, asked if she was alright. She replied that the pineapple was making her cough that is was tickling her throat. She thanked the lady for making sure she was alright. She continued to tell her husband sorry that she had uncontrollable cough. He never said a word that I could hear.

How often do you use “Sorry” ? I was just observing from across the way. But kept hearing this sorry which I didn’t think she needed to say. Perhaps she was nervous and it made her feel better. I am not sure, as I was not in her shoes.

I like to observe people. When you don’ t talk much, that the only other thing to do is to listen. Listening  to people around you, you learn lot about a person. I have noticed in some families that some people talk non stop (babbling brook). I remember my step daughter was pregnant and I took her some of her favorite Vines licorice. Her mother was there and was shocked that her daughter liked that kind of candy. The difference between her mother and I was, her mother talked non stop so she really never listened to what other were saying or feeling or even liked.

So with that said, I like to observe, I don’t feel I need to talk all the time. I try  to listen to others and I might note the things I need to remember about them. Another thing I recently didn’t know, is some people study mannerism. I guess I am one of them too. This is example of what happens to me: I might be at Wal-mart shopping and I can tell who is who just by the way their walk or the wave they have in their hair in the back, or shape of their head will tell me who they are without having to look and see who it is. I don’t know how I started doing this but I guess I do it all the time. I study people all the time.

Hope you stay warm and be kind to others.





17 Miracles

17 Miracles Movie  is about Pioneers  who crossed the plains who sacrifice their lives

We get to sacrifice our time for others.  Which would you have chosen?

My other thoughts today as I was pondering my scriptures. Is all Moses said was look and you would be saved. How many people in this world will not listen to the truth. You can lead someone to the water but you can’t make then drink it. All they have to do is pray and ask if something is right, but they just won’t pray to know the truth.