Share Your World ~ Jan. 1, 2018


What one word describes you best? Compassionate

What is set as the background on your computer? 

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been too? I have been to quite a few foreign countries Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland. My grandmother took my sister and I to Europe in case she wasn’t around when my sister graduated from high school. We got to spend about week in each place. It was really neat. We traveled by train and bus mostly. It is something I will never forget. I am thankful for loving grandmother who took us to see architecture and experience the food and visit someone in Belgium that my father had employed here in America. When we were in Portugal we visited the fellow who had been exchange student where we went to high school.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  We spent Christmas with my daughter/husband and granddaughter. My granddaughter is 6 now and we all enjoyed one another company. Us girls made spritz cookies in the kitchen together. I didn’t have hard time with Christmas this year. Time spent went too fast. My daughter announced she was going to make this a tradition for next year. That pleased me and put a smile on my face.


Share Your World ~ Jan. 15, 2018


Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to…. I am selling my mat cutter to a friend and I was suppose to take it to her tomorrow. However the weather is getting colder and the wind is picking up and probably isn’t a good time to go. So I am looking forward to staying home tomorrow so I can make some bread and some soup and tidy up the house a bit.

What is your favorite comfort snack food? low sodium potato chips

What was one of your first money making jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)? My first job was potting plants at greenhouse we got 25 cents a flat that was completed. I was in 8th grade. Later when I was in college one summer I was a cashier for a Drive In Theater.

Image result for potted plants in greenhouse

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  I’m thinkin about Valentine’s Day already. Instead of giving my granddaughter candy or money decided to make her a cute owl apron for in the kitchen. Saw one on pinterest but I am going to use it as an inspiration.

Share Your World ~ 8th January 2018


Do you prefer a bath or shower? I definitely like a shower, I don’t like soaking in tub that is not my cup of tea.

What do you do to make a living or during the day? I am unfortunately still working full-time, but hoping to retire at the end or beginning of next year. I sometimes feel like just kicking the bucket and quitting now, but I am trying to wait until it is really my turn to quit on account of my birth year.

So what do I do for a living?  I have been a public librarian for the past 20 years.  I am reference clerk and wear many hats. I download the local newspaper on daily basis, I help people in the computer lab with assorted request, I find books that people want to read, I help people with their genealogy request which is my favorite thing to do. But lately many of our newspapers have gone digitally, so they can look them up themselves online and we aren’t called on to look them up for them as much.   I have been an Art show coordinator for the past 8 years.I also taught variety of classes at the library such as jewelry class, genealogy classes, computer classes, software classes, card making classes. I have also gone out in the community to give programing about the library and the services we provide.

If you are retired what mostly occupies your day? Or if you are a student what are you studying? I am not a student but we have free Gale Online Courses we can take through our library website. I just recently signed up for two classes. I have been wanting to learn how to talk to people that are deaf that come into the library. I know a little sign language that my grandfather taught me when I was younger and I know how to say thank you as one of my deaf patron showed me how to sign for that.. The other class I am going to take is in March, it is called Mindfulness. I can’t remember what it is about presently. Just looked interesting.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom? No stuff animals in my bedroom. Don’t like a lot of little stuff taking up room when I am ready to get into bed.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Over the Christmas holiday we went to visit my daughter. I decided to make cookies for her and her family. While trying to spread the icing on my cut out  cookies I actually used a paint brush. Then I had this desire to look further into how to decorate cookies. So I recently checked a book out at the library which I would now like to obtain for future use. It is called ” The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating 

I never realized that decorating cookies is a specialty art too. Just recently I was watching someone using fondant to decorate baby blocks made from cake and all the measurements and care that was going into this project that someone had ordered for their baby shower.. It was a WOW experience for me.


Share Your World~December 25, 2017

What caring thing are you going to do for yourself today? Today is Christmas Day, my daughter invited us to spend Christmas with her and our granddaughter and her husband. I have been looking forward to this since she asked us several months ago.  I think as my daughter has gotten older and her grandparents (my parents have had their share of illness and still living at the age of 91) that she seems to be gravitating towards how important families are. I enjoyed our time together and it just went too fast.

List at least five of your favorite spices? (excluding salt and pepper) My favorite spices are cinnamon, cloves. I looked up spices I was surprised to see that oregano, garlic are consider spices I would have thought they would have been herbs. So I would also add Italian Seasonings as they have nice blend that we like to use on our homemade pizza.

When I think of cloves I think of  Chai Latte. I got a gift card at coffee shop, but I don’t drink coffee, but they do serve Chia there, so I have been waiting for cold day to go over there so I can sip it while at work.  I work at a library in the basement. Normally Monday mornings there is chill as it has been closed since Saturday. But with the holidays we have been closed since Friday, Dec. 22 at 6pm. so it will be colder and will take a day or two to warm up again. So that is when I am going to get my Chia for tomorrow.

What can you always be found with? I would say I can’t talk with out a pen in hand. I like to take notes, or if I learn something new I like to write it down, I love keeping a journal of my coming and goings. Before I go to bed is when I write in mine. So I keep a pen on my night stand. Sometimes at library a title of book will give me inspiration for blog subject to write about. I have often thought if I ever got in an elevator and it would stop for some reason I would want to have pen and paper so I could occupy my time until we got out again.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? When I called my daughter to see if it was alright to bring cheese ball, then I later asked her if she liked homemade cookies, she replied quite quickly with “we love cookies!.                            So I set out to make more Christmas cookies for her family. I made Spritz like my mother use to make. Then I mentioned a cut out cookie that was wheat cookie recipe. She said she didn’t like whole wheat. But I went ahead a made half the recipe as my husband and I had scarfed down quite a few.  I also made  peanut butter blossom cookies.

While I was making the cut out cookies (whole wheat flour) I really got into decorating them. I used a paint brush to brush on the icing. Then I started thinking about this and thought the artist was coming out in me. I took a plastic sandwich bag hung it over small jar and filled it with icing. I had gotten the idea from youtube recently and then pulled it up, twisted it and cut a small corner off in one of the corners and used it decorate my Christmas Tress cut out cookies. I have now decided to see if I could take class somewhere, but then my daughter suggested I might be able to check out DVD from anther library or find a book that would teach me how to make decorate cookies or cupcakes. I would like to learn before the next potluck at church.                         

I needed a tin for all the cookies I made but ended up using a #10 can. I spray painted in a dark red and then used white acrylic paint and an old tooth brush to spray white paint over the can to make it look like snow. I placed my cookies in baggies and lowered them down in the can. I made wire handle and was able carry it in that way.

My daughter mentioned she didn’t like whole wheat cookies but it seemed her husband loved them and half of them was gone. So someone appreciated them. Then we went shopping to pick up something and we ended up at Michaels. I found a Wilton Cookie Press thought it was ideal for making Spritz . I was able to obtain 50% coupon on my phone and went to register and only had to pay $5.99 was a deal. We went home and made cookies us girls. My daughter later mentioned the next day that she was going to make that a family tradition. When my mother was still able to cook, she always made me a tin of Spritz for my birthday in December.

My mother has dementia and is lucky if she remembers who we are. I certainly miss talking to her and sharing her wisdom with me. She has fallen more then she has in her entire life. She fell off her bed and broke her hip in three places. About two months ago, she got up from eating at table in the nursing home and tripped over the table leg and she broke bone in the other hip. This time she will not be able to bear any weight on it for sometime. Not sure what they will do with her. She is petite person to begin with. She only weights about 90 lbs. My sister said she doesn’t remember what happen to herself because of her dementia.

Usually holidays are hard for me. But this year being around a six year old and my daughter, I forgot all about it. I really enjoyed myself and was glad I didn’t have to make dinner at home. It was one of the best holidays I can remember having. 


Share Your World ~18 December 2017


If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work? I would ask them to help me with yard work. I have seem where people have helped with cleaning and they would throw things away that were valuable to the other person. Unless they were cleaning a kitchen or bathroom you could not get into trouble in those two areas. So yard work would be my choice.

If you were to move and your home came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house you wish to retain?                     I would take my pillow because it supports my neck when I am sleeping, I would take special knickknacks that family members have given me over the years. I would take my family history and any books pertaining to family members that are not replaceable.

My husband has been after me to downsize. I am having a hard time with this. Recently I have decided to sell my mat cutter and give all my mats away along with it. I have girl friend that lives about and hour and half  from me. We don’t seem to get together. But recently she was interested in how I blocked needlework. I did this for a business for about 6 years until I got married and moved away from this area. I was pleased that someone actually wanted some knowledge that I had and was glad to share it with her. So she wants to cut mats, she wants to know how to cut down a frame, and how to put a frame together. We are going to get together I guess after Christmas. I am just pleased that someone is interested in my hobby and appreciates my talents.

What calms you down? Talking it over with someone else on the phone.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?                                         I love Christmas time, and my birthday is in December too.  I love wrapping presents. I love making cards, but my husband and I visited so many 2nd hand stores lately he kept finding really good deals on Christmas cards that I am using them this year. Maybe I will get an earlier start and make my own for next year. I have enjoyed making and creating gift wrapping ideas. 

I made Christmas cookies, my favorite cut outs are mittens and tree lights. I used a paint brush to put my icing on. I was trying to figure out how others decorated cookies my coworker mention using piping bag. I used Whole wheat cookie recipe and icing from this website:


I found this cute game at a 2nd hand store over the weekend. My granddaughter loves to jump on the bed so this game will be right up her alley. I can’t wait to play this game with her after Christmas.. The box had a small bing where it opens up, but I only paid $2.00 for it. Amazon has it for 17.99 plus 5.99 shipping. Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Game

I bought some candles at Menards last week, the box had 3 graduating sizes for $4.99. They were flameless candles lights with remote control and had were colored lights. I wanted mine to be plain so kept them that way.  I went back and bought another box to make present for one of my friends as well.  I found three free clip art pictures: of manger with Joseph and Mary; one with 3 wise men silhouettes on camels; and shepherds in the field with the star. I modge podge them to the three candle. Then when the light is turned on it is glowing behind my three scenes I put on there. I got the idea on Pinterest.

I was helping patron as she had email on the cloud. She was wanting to download it was weird way of doing it. But i finally figured it out. I told her i was thankful to help her because then if someone else came along i would know how to help them. Suddenly she brighten up. The other thing she wanted to get to these particular emails but she had a lot of junk so i showed her how to make folder snd how to move certain ones into it.She was excited that she learned to do this. I told her if she coukd not remember i would show her again. She seemed to need a hug and i told her i would keep her in my prayers. She knew prayers were answered. She left with a lighter step and thanked me for assisting her.

I am excited to spend time with my granddaughter and family this year. Life is certainly speeding by. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every one.

Share Your World ~ 11 Dec 2017


We’re sorry to hear that your (Cee Photography) internet is down and hope it will be repaired soon. Please note that I changed some of the questions and actually had pictures to add to my “Share Your World” this week. She had wanted us to use the same questions but I could not resist changing mine.

At what time recently  have you felt most passionate and alive? I get really happy around Christmas time. It is time to share, be creative and make gifts. This is my recent idea for my granddaughter that is turning 4 on Dec 17. I made a reindeer card. My son in law likes IBC RootBeer, so I put antenna on each bottle along with eyes and pompom for a rein nose on the neck of the bottle.  The reindeer antlers were made out of brown pipe cleaners.  I think the little kid came out in me. 

I also like to make creative gift card holders. I looked for ideas on Pinterst. But could not find anything that suited my fancy. So I made my own mittens to fit the occassions. Here is what I came up with: My gift cards are inside of these mittens. They can be hung on a tree until ready to be open as well. 


i have a friend in Pittsburgh, sometimes we exchange gifts and sometime not. This year I found a really neat idea on Pinterst where they put the nativity on candles, here is what inspired me to make these items for me and my girlfriend  

Pretty Candle Christmas Scene

I found some copy free nativity scenes and cut them out and modge podged them to flameless candles 12 LED lights in them.. I had seen some at Hobby Lobby, but they were pricey for my pocket. Then I noticed that Menards had them on sale last week for 3 of them in graduating sizes for only  $4.99.. Perfect for what I wanted to do with them.  I also put a evergreen behind mine with pinecones, red berries behind my candles to give them a festive look.

Hope this will inspire someone this Christmas. Till next time, Mary

Share Your World ~ 4 December 2017

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing? Well when we had a cat it was the cat box. But now we don’t have the cat. I think I hate doing dishes every single night. Wish my husband would give me a hand. I can remember my dad helping my mother after us girls were out of the house. But no such luck at my house.

At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

How many times have you moved in the last ten years? I married my second husband and we been living in his house the past 30 years. We went on vacation to look at housing in Colorado. I don’t think that is going to happen as the prices of homes out their are very expensive and I don’t want to go in to debt during my retirement years. Our present home is paid for plus we are surrounded by woods.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  I read on Pinterest that if you put saran wrap over the section that was pulled off the tree your bananas would not turn brown as fast and it worked at my house. Then I read if you hang your onions in nylon stockings with knot between them and hang them up they would last longer. I am going to do this just haven’t gotten around to it yet.