Share Your World – 7 May 2018

If you were given $22 million tax free dollars (any currency), what is the first thing you would do? The first thing I would do with $22 million dollars is pay my tithing to the Lord.

In what do you find the simplest of joys? Finding neat old cars or trucks whether we are going down the road or this one happened to be in parking lot.. Here is one I found over the weekend and was hoping to upload it on one of the questions. wd 1wd4  wd3

What would be your ideal birthday present, and why? Going to foreign country particularly finding extended family member and getting to know that person.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  We closed on home that we will be eventually retiring too. I am excited and have made new friends at church and have met my neighbors. It was a good day in the neighborhood. 


Share Your World ~ 30 April 2018

Do you use paper money? If so is your money organized sequentially according to denomination?  I work where we give change and collect money for computer copies. I am always straightening the bills, some people put the bills upside down, I like my bills to run the same way and facing up. My wallet is the same way. 

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time? I am not comfortable doing nothing for long stretches of time except if it is a really really good book. But to sit around there is always something to do. Whether its cleaning the house or doing something for pleasure , I like to make list and then try to get them done in one day. I also have list for long term things I need to get done. Now I can sit at my computer for long periods of time working on family history. But doing nothing. No I am not comfortable doing nothing for long periods of time. 

What is your greatest strength? I had to think about this and decided that I have am compassionate. (towards others)  I am very industrious and a kindred spirit.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  I notice that guys when they don’t have anything to say, they will look at the hat the other guy is wearing and have a funny or unrelated remark to make about it. 

Then as we were walking out of McDonald’s this morning, there was a dog sitting in the front seat in a car, he was white with a dark circle around his eye .  He was really cute and he made me smile, I was going to pull my phone camera out and take picture of him so I include him in here, but his owner came out and so I just ended up telling him he was cute dog.  The other things that makes me smile is all the birds that are returning to the feeder. I had bird sitting on a walking stick, went to get my phone camera and he flew off. He was a red-breasted grosbeak Image result for red breasted grosbeak


Share Your World ~ 3/12/18

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do? I would split it 3 ways. I would give 1/3 of it to each of my grandchildren and keep a third for myself as emergency backup. Or I would follow the example from a movie called  Christmas Angel (actors: KC Clyde; Kari Hawker, and Bruce Davison) did one year and go around and buy groceries for the homeless or someone that is struggling and leave it on their door step and ring the bell and run.

What sound or sounds do you love? When I hear a fire siren go off I start asking Heavenly Father to help everyone to get out of the  house that is burning. It is just a quiet prayer I say to myself when I hear ambulance or fire truck going somewhere. 

So what sounds do I love, I love the waves hitting a dock that extends out in the ocean, I love the sounds of boardwalk under my feet,  I love to hear some of the birds singing or talking to me. When I hear certain bell rings it reminds me of the ice cream truck that use to come around in our neighborhood in Delaware. I love the crunch sound when you are walking on pine needles in the forest. I love the sound of crackling wood while roasting marshmallows, I like the sound of children giggling with one another. I live the sound of a train going down the tracks. There are some songs I just love like music on French Kiss or Fiddler on roof or there’s two cat in the yard or Horse with no name. I found out later what that meant, but I just like it as song.

What’s your middle name?  Why? I think middles names were given in the old days the mother or a relatives maiden name. I actually like that as it helps when you are doing family history. My middle name is Denise, in French in means Debbie. It was just name my parents gave me. Funny my sisters middle name is Debra, I am not sure how they spelled her name. Now my mother’s middle name is her great grandmother’s maiden name. Which was Lawson. My father’s middle name is Clark and so was this father and grandfather. I have often wondered if Clark was women’s maiden name in my father’s line. But I haven’t been able to prove that yet.

what made me smile this week, someone came to my desk and called me Miss Mary, I felt loved and remembered that two children use to call me that many years ago. There mother out of respect for my taught her children to call me that. So I told the lady that and she smiled.


Share your World ~ 7 Aug 2017

What was the last URL that you bookmarked or saved? can’t think of anything…

Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation? I believe we will live with our families in the here after  in a new earth.   I don’t believe in reincarnation. 

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels? I don’t consider myself writer but I have written a few poems in my life. I also write in a journal almost faithfully everyday. Well I use to, until I started having pinch nerves in my lower back and now have been struggling with pins coming and going in my body in different areas of my body that it has been struggle to concentrate.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.  Last week,  my husband and I were coming home from Princeton as we had eaten at Culvers at it was too hot to cook, and I didn’t feel good on account of my back issues, so hubby suggested we go out to eat.  So on the way home we saw these really beautiful clouds, the sunset behind them, the shapes kept changing, they were really neat. Between these clouds they looked like a small town between them. I only had my phone with camera. My husband said the best way was to take a bunch pictures and then go thru them and save the ones you like. So that is what I did. Here are some of the pictures I took on the way home that night: They are not in order, Word Press wanted to up load them different and didn’t allow me to pick which one I wanted in the order I wanted so here are my pictures…



If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?  My first reaction to this question is Jerry Lewis as he was very funny in some of his movies when I was growing up. However, even thou I consider myself on the quiet side, there is side of me that people think that I am angel in disguise, I don’t know actress’ names,  but someone from “Touch by an Angel” would be my choice.

If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?  If I could be famous, it would be good and renown Genealogist.



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I use to be more creative. Words or thoughts would come into my mind randomly and when they did i would jot them down on piece of scratch paper. Many of them came from patrons that came to my desk or a book that I would retrieve from the shelves. 

As I drove home each day I would ponder and decide how this little piece of information much like a puzzle piece would fit into my world or  think how I could expand on that topic.

Lately I seem more boggled down then normal. Parting from things in your life after 30 years can be mind bogglering. Which is will I am. But on brighter side I have been able to shred more paper waste. Make bundles and blessing others. Parting with items you no  longer need. Decluttering. Keeping some of my artist supplies for when I am back to my creative self again.

One person mentioned their background was from slavery and to look at the journey I am taking as one getting my freedom back.

I been thinking more along the lines of how a flower bulb has laid dormant all winter long and looking forward to the sun shine, gentle rain, wind to brush away the rain drops and sharing its vibrant colors to place smile on someone face. 

I have appreciated those wordpress uplifting messages. One person told me to put myself first which I am not use to doing as I was taught to think of others.

I have had many blessings. God sent messages, glimpses into better life ahead.

Till we meet again…

An Awesome Amber, Black, Brown, Leather, Wooden Bead Pendant Necklace



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Top of the pendant has a 8mm round tiger eye bead. This pendant is strung from a brown genuine leather cord.

Strung on leather cord is two round light oak decorative beads, six dark brown saucer beads and two dark nutmeg round beads to compliment the tiger print beads.

Leather necklace is finished off with copper tone cord ends and custom hook and loop.

Necklace Length is 20 inches or 21.59 cm or 508 mm

Pendant length from leather cord is 4 inches or 101.6 mm

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Snow Birds

Attire on Feb 1, 2015

Attire on Feb 1, 2015

This is me, it is still snowing here, so I went out to shovel. Then I decided to talk pictures so you can see how much snow we are getting. It is still coming down.


First I shoveled the porch, then decided the birds needed to have the snow removed around their feeding place, so they could at least be protected a little bit. Their feeder had about 2 inches of snow on the roof, so I knocked that off, walked back to the house and asked hubby to fill it up with bird seed and I would hang it out for them to have something to eat.


This picture shows how deep the snow is the walls to the bird feeder is really deep. It was heavy to shovel. But I prayed before I started, so I would not have heart attack or anything


                                  Here’s our grill, he just grilled out on this last weekend,                                  but looking at this, you would never know it.

P1070005This is what I shoveled to get to our cars. Hubby works at the rest area, so he had gone out at 5:30 am today, but I have not been in my car, so you can see all the wonderful snow that has piled up on it. Mind you, that it is still snowing, so will have to take another picture later.


I started to take the snow off the car, but then I remembered from the last time, that if it freezes I will have to scrape ice off, so decided to leave the snow on and do the whole thing when I eventually will go to work.


I wasn’t sure, to call this snow birds or snow blanket. But  our pine trees are laden down with snow. There branches that once stood pointing to the sky are almost laying  down on the ground. They have piles of snow on them as well.


                                       This is looking at our trees along our drive way.                                      They have done their job as wind break. .


Here is another view taking in the bird feeder view.  A bird is now seeing his feeder has been filled. More birds are sitting on some branches so there little feet won’t have to be in the snow too long.


This is close up of the snow birds. They are very tiny bird with a white breast. We have close to 8-9 inches of snow. More is still coming.

In preparation for this snow, we have filled the bathtub with water, so we can flush the toilet later, if we should loose our power. I also filled a soup pot with water so we can heat the kitchen later as well or use to make a hot drink.

Thankfully we have LP gas so we can use a match to ignite our stove for added heat or to heat water. I have three door ways that come into the kitchen and usually hang up sheets to keep the heat in one central room. It has amazed me that a thin sheet can hold back so much heat or if you were on the other side of the sheet the cold air.

How have you prepared or what preparations have you learned from your adventures with snow and no electricity?


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