Snowy Day



When I was growing up, my birthday wish was  to have snow on my birthday. This year it came six days later. I thought since we were visiting family on the foothills that we would miss the snow. I guess I was wrong. We received a foot of snow. The eerie thing was the day before it was 60 degrees with the sun on your back. This picture was taken with my cell phone.



Which Location

So we stopped at convenient store. Above the door was a sign spelled in capital letters as one word – NOWHERE

My husband read it as “no where” and I read it as “Now Here” – It’s in all how one looks at it.

This also reminded how the locator on your cell phone will sometimes  tell you are no where.





An Awesome Amber, Black, Brown, Leather, Wooden Bead Pendant Necklace



Be talk of the party with this unusual tiger striped amber and brown glass pendant or make statement at the office or with a friend

Made with …                                                                                                    Antique Brass Para-wire inter weaved between the 3 – 1 -5/8 x 1-5/8 square tiger striped square glass beads with amber cast around the edges. Two copper disk dangle at the bottom of this pendant.

Top of the pendant has a 8mm round tiger eye bead. This pendant is strung from a brown genuine leather cord.

Strung on leather cord is two round light oak decorative beads, six dark brown saucer beads and two dark nutmeg round beads to compliment the tiger print beads.

Leather necklace is finished off with copper tone cord ends and custom hook and loop.

Necklace Length is 20 inches or 21.59 cm or 508 mm

Pendant length from leather cord is 4 inches or 101.6 mm

Custom Designs by Mary O from within a smoke free environment

Connect with Nature @ Prairie Pine Peddler one day at a time…

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7 ways to relieve stress

Are you stressed, does things tick you off easier than they use to?

Here are some suggestions that have helped me:

  1. Keep a journal – I write in my journal every night before going to sleep, I write all my comings and goings. Today I felt like rereading some of my stuff and found some things amusing. While others bring back happier days.
  2. Take time to hug someone, older people need it and so do the young. You get hugged and they get hug. Many years ago I read you needed 16 hugs a day. I am way behind on that one.
  3. Read a Chapter a day – reading your scriptures really helps!
  4. Listen to different beat – I find the radio and TV – music or sound effects can really get you round up.
  5. Call or visit a friend – its amazing someone else’s troubles makes you feel better about your own situation
  6. Refrain from chocolate, coffee, pop and sweets they seem to magnify your stress
  7. Prayer seems to help you see the light in others and your load will be lighter.

Manage Art Show for 7 years

As you know I often speak of the library where I work or that I am librarian by day and designer by night.

The library was celebrating its 135th year, they were wanting suggestion to draw people in to use the library and do something for the community. I suggested an Art Show never realizing that I would be put in charge of it. 

Seven years later – we have had our first oops to deal with. That oops was someone took photos from another artist site and enter them into the art show  as their own. 

This has been very long week for me. I even won an award in the  3-D section  But have not really enjoyed having won since I have had to take care of the rest of the show and disqualify someone from the  show.

My point in writing this is, when you post your photos, are you putting a watermark or signature on your photos? Someone could come along and either print screen your photo or take pictures of your dearly beloved photo and use it as their own?

How do you handle the photos you enter or place and upload to the internet?

I hope you will leave your remarks and post this to this wordpress….

Did you know that you can do an image search in Google ? 

That is something I learned this weekend!

I am looking at the world in a different light these days.

I hope this will help someone along the way. 




A laughing matter


I am standing in line at a Casey Convenient Store , (its a Midwest store like at a Wawa Food Market).

I was waiting to pick up my pizza order. Meanwhile I saw this tall guy – he was going to purchase a Bud Light. It looked like a suitcase. He seemed to know the cashier as he was razzing her.

He lifted it up and placed it up on the counter. I was observing this as I was still waiting for my pizza to come out. Anyhow he next asked for a pack of cigarettes to purchase. At that point, I kind of smarted off  and said  to this guy so you have to snoke cigarettes to stay warm after you drink that cold beer. He laughed and I know I caught him off guard. It was funny. That put smile on my face and gave me a laugh.


Image result for Chevrolet Nova z28 blue chevy 1969

Another guy left his car running in front of the convenient store. I think if was a Ultramarine Chevy Nova with stripes. But it had been customized. The back end was lifted up. It was really burning the fuel, you could get high just breathing it in. But it was revving up as it was idling. It seemed to have its own personallity. The car was parked right in front of the convenient store door, so one had to walk around his car just to get inside the door.  The driver was right inside the door visiting with people inside. I decided to give my 2 cents and told him I thought his car had a nice beat to the music. Another fellow thought  he burned enough gas it could have filled his truck up.

I think this made for a good night in hometown and busy place to be. Get your gas, your booze, pop, few convenient food items, pizza, chicken, candy, ice,  sandwiches, coffee, fountain drinks, donuts.

So it was a good day in the neighborhood!