Calling all Artist


Still time to sign up to donate a card to to aid help sick children. Registration closes 24th FEB

Please take a minute of your time, can you draw, are you artist or just like to doodle this is nice way to help an organization raise money for those that are less fortunate then us. Surely you can come up with drawing, It isn’t very big its only 16cm x 12 cm on heavy cardstock paper. Certainly you have something laying around that you love to draw or have drawn why not send it off

no rewards, no recognition here, just sweet joy will come to you, because you shared your heart. Hope to see many others help

 Lighting was bad but it is the thought that counts

Different View

I was thinking about pine trees. Then my mind started to wonder. I started thinking about the pioneers that have gone before us and and suffering and deaths that occurred due freezing weather. My next thought was about how one would bury a love one under a pine tree.

They laid her in the ground under a pine tree.  As the tree grew her roots surrounded her cradling in its arms.(tree roots) ( form of loving her and protecting her)

Each year she shed her pine cones to protect her against the elements.

Just a thought I had from a film I watched recently on the way home from church today.


No knead pizza dough

I tried a New  no Knead pizza dough, it turned out pretty good even the first time around. My only complaint is I watched a video on line about it but the recipe did not match the video. I am so glad I have photogenic mind that I was able to put it together.

Ingredients is 

Put 1 1/2 cups of warm water in bowl (it did not say how warm) so I guessed at that and it still turned out this time for me)

Put 2 yeast packets in and let sit for 5 minutes. Then grease two bowls while you are waiting.

After 5 minutes whisk in 2 Tbsp sugar, 2 tsp kosher salt, 1/4 cup olive oil. Then stir in 4 cups all purpose flour. After it has been mixed, place dough in the other bowl that you oiled.. Next spread or mist some olive oil over the top of the dough, so when you place the saran wrap over it, it won’t stick to it. I turned my oven to warm as my kitchen tends to be on the cooler side. I placed my bowl in the middle between the  gas burners on top and wrapped a terry towel around the base of bowl hoping this would keep it warm enough to  rise.

I went out shopping and when I came back it had double in size. I was so excited to see that it worked. Amazing. The saran wrap did not stick to the dough due to the oil on top.

Then i floured my counter a little bit and put my dough and formed it into pizza shape. Before placing it on pan I oiled this again with olive oil.

This is how I dressed my pizza. Tomato base items don’t agree with me. So I used a a green Pesto Sauce from Aldi that I gotten from their Italian Section. I took a knife and stirred the pesto before spooning it on my pizza dough. I used the back of the spoon to spread the sauce around the crust. Next  I shaved some Parmesan cheese with a carrot peeler.

Then I laid down some Hormel pepperonis and  dehydrated mushrooms that I purchased from Honeyville. I popped it into a 500 degree preheated oven for 7.5 minutes give or take. Then pulled it out and placed some mozzarella shredded cheese and put back in the oven for another 7.5 minutes. It didn’t seem quite done, so I put the timer on for another 5 minutes. It came out very very nice. I was shocked and delighted all at the same time.

The true test is will there be anything left on their plates or will it get eaten up? Mine was eaten up and so was my hubbies! Finally success for me. I used an insulated pan that you usually cook cookies on so they don’t burn therefore it took longer to cook. so next time I probably will not need to leave it in for extra five minutes.

Hope this works for you. I will definitely make this again. You can freeze this up to 4 months. I divided my dough so it will make two individual pizza. Shaped it into round disk and placed in Ziploc Freezer Bag, Marked the item and date and placed it into the freezer.

Happy Day, have fun making this

Mary O

Owl Gift Bag


Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

There are a lot of cute owl containers or gift bags on Pinterest these day. I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of these cute fellows. This is what I came up with, he is wearing cute vest made out of musical paper.  His eyes are punch from 4″, 2′ and 1/2″ circles. I applied orange nose with some buttons to give the right accents.

Created by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler shop

Class Reunion


Image result for book of remembrance

Had my 45th Class Reunion. I know I am giving away my age now. Well I have decided to let my blonde hair go to the wind and letting my hair grow out. Its a very nice white. Use to hate seeing the white around my face, but now it doesn’t seem so bad. I see younger girls then me with white hair and they are beautiful.

I only attended one other class reunion and told myself back then I would never go again. However, this old classmate contacted me, her husband has Alzheimer and he is in nursing home and she didn’t want to go alone. She was looking for motel room, but I told her I had spare bedroom and would be glad to put her up for the night.

We both had a good time. The people seemed more mature and caring then the first time when  I went. I actually had a good time. The one highlight I enjoyed was – we went around the room and explained what we were doing and where we were, who had grand kids, what accomplishments they were making or not making, Funny things that happened to them etc. or not so funny things.

The food was not to bad, we met at a country club. Some folks had gone on the golf range before coming to the reunion. Our pictures were taken as group. Now many of us have hooked up on Facebook.

One thing everyone complained about was they wanted name tags and they wanted their high school pictures on them. So I volunteered to make name tags for the next reunion. Well I have 4 get them ready – I work at the local public library and  I have  access to our class yearbook. I enjoy making or designing things using Microsoft Publisher.

Another thing I am going to tackle, is we have so many classmates 18 out of 200  that have died. I decided  to make a notebook. I have been collecting obituaries or tidbits about the different folks that have passed away. I love doing family history and this is much like that. I am planning on making a book that says: “Classmates gone but not Forgotten. I am pretty good at digging up information. I tried calling the alumni office and it seems she didn’t have many of them. I told her I would share what I have found with her so she can share with others. I know a few years back I wrote a letter to Swarthmore College looking for my great grandfather’s obituary and was able to get that. It gave me information I didn’t know which was helpful in my research on that side of the family.

written by Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler

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Rustic Wrappings: Exploring Patina in Wire, Metal, and Glass Jewelry

This is great book to have. I borrowed this from the library and just had to get a copy of this one. She shows you how to patina metals with different applications such as vinegar, ammonia etc. She has great illustrations on how to wire wrap.It was easy for me to follow. I a still refer to this book. It is must have for your reference shelf!!!

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Fluid retention




waterfall dietI have not been feeling all that great lately. My ankles have been holding fluids. Tight fitting socks didn’t help either. Then I tried knee highs with light support and it pushed the fluid up to my knees. Can’t go up and down steps, can kneel, it was the pits!

I didn’t’ want to go to the doctors, so decided to do some research online. Found that I needed to walk around and not sit so long. Drinking enough water was important too, and I was lacking in that area. Particularly during the day when I am at my 9-5 job. I would only get in about 2 cups of water a day. I was probably dehydrated. I  didn’t realize that my joints needed more water to get rid of the fluid.

My varicose veins were yelling at me!.

So I checked out a book that I found on- line called “WaterFall Diet” Thank goodness our bodies tell us when something is not right and that we need to pay attention to what we are putting in our mouths. Been contemplating on this subject lately. Our bodies are like a machine, it needs care too. You wouldn’t run your car with out oil, so there are certain care we need to do for our bodies if we want to carry on longer.

So I have given up sugar and noticed now my varicose veins stopped yelling at me!  I started thinking about all the process food we buy for convenience, but is it really ruining our health?… yes. They have too much sugar and salt in them. I had not really thought about cereal in that way before. I compared all the cereal we had in the cupboard that was purchase for higher fiber diet and the salt and sugar content was way overboard. I didn’t’ want to stick that in my body. So I have gone back to regular oatmeal and I take frozen cherries and put them in a  blender  and then on my cereal now.

I am eating more salads. I tried using roasted sunflower seeds/unsalted along with silvered almonds they are so good. Having a gourmet salad every day for lunch. I am eating more fresh veg and fruit, less red meats. Occasionally fish as I am in search of new recipes to try. . I like nuts and which is great for snack.. not to many, but enough for serving.

When I am sitting at my desk now, I try to drink water on the hour now. We have stacks that I can walk around and been doing that so my circulation in my legs get moving too.

The book recommended staying away from wheat, so I did it for two weeks, then last night I had sandwich using bread and this morning I don’t feel so good. So following some of her suggestions is the good thing as my first two weeks I was feeling really great. But now I have gone back a step or two. So gotta start up again and do what I did in the beginning. One night I had fresh snowpeas and rice cakes for dinner. I was totally full.

This would be good for artist, authors, and creative people that sit or stand for long periods of time. Hope this will help someone along the way.

Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler

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