Vegetarian BLT


How did this all  start, oh, someone at church told me their sister went to the doctor. The doctor wanted her to loose weight. He told her about the “Eat to Live” by Joel Furham. She in turn on mission told me she was going to start this, after she got home from her mission.

Being the Librarian I am, decided to get one of these books thru Interlibrary Loan. Then I decided to get my own copy.  So his theory is eating salads with beans of your choice every day along with vegetables, seeds or nuts. Plus stop eating: dairy, sweets, salt and oil. But one is allowed to eat Greens, Beans Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and  seeds. (G-BOMBS)

Since then I have been allergic to milk since I was kid, but my mom didn’ t want to feed me goat’s milk, so I have suffered most of my life with milk products. Since I stopped I feel so much better…

Well this led me to better meal planning. My latest is I created a BLT for vegan or vegetarian. So my B is a bean hummus of your choice, spread it on facing sides of your bread.


Next put some romaine lettuce or whatever your choice is


Then add tomatoes, I had small ones so I put on three slices


Then for extra measure, I love cucumbers in sandwiches so they are place on the other side


Then put it together and you have a wonderful tasting sandwich. Sometimes I  sprinkle Mrs. Dash on my tomatoes, but today I did not. I am wanting to grow some alfalfa sprouts. This makes for a really great sandwich. Hope you will try it and let me know what you think!

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Mary O

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Get “Beep nGo”


This is a  cool app !  beep ngo

My daughter turned me on to this app, this past weekend. All  you have to do is download all your loyalty cards and library card. One can just take picture of your bar codes and attached to each loyalty card. Then save and you are Ready To Go.

How does it work? The next time you go to CVS or IKEA, just go to the app on your phone it will list all them, just click on the one you want (they are in alphabetical order) and then click on the lower right hand corner and your bar code will appear at the top of your phone. Then just stick it under the bar scanner and bingo you are done. Easy as pie. Saves your key ring from being over loaded and your ignition too.

Owl Gift Bag


Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

There are a lot of cute owl containers or gift bags on Pinterest these day. I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of these cute fellows. This is what I came up with, he is wearing cute vest made out of musical paper.  His eyes are punch from 4″, 2′ and 1/2″ circles. I applied orange nose with some buttons to give the right accents.

Created by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler shop

Smiley faces



I had forgotten why I had these fun little erasers,. Then I was at work and pulled them out to give them away when I suddenly realized they would make adorable earrings. They are quite reasonable. There is always someone looking for cute idea but not to expensive at a Craft Fair. So I am taking these guys on Saturday, November 21 to the craft fair I am planning to be vendor in that day. They come in various colors:  green, and  pink. The ear wires are hypoallergenic, there are ear nuts included but not shown. I don’t have then in my etsy shop so just displaying them here on my wordpress and today I posted them on my Facebook page. Happy Hunting! Just merrr $3

Designs by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler, connect with nature


Graphic Arts – Art Show


P1060540  this is called the Sun, type of insect

P1060539    Crazy Librarian

3rd Place

3rd Place

Here are our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners in the Graphic Art Sections. This included anything but painting, one is colored pencil, collage and another is painting.


Ruby Zoisite Bracelet


This gallery contains 1 photo.

This is Beautiful Breath taking Bead. I love these beads. These are Ruby Zoisite. What is Zoisite? A Zoisite consists of green Zoisite with black tschermakite and ruby crystals . I dressed the bracelet up with 4mm Swarvoski Fuchsia Crystals … Continue reading