Razor Sharp


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Here is funny thing that happened to me yesterday. I have two single edge razor blades in a yellow prescription bottle like the ones above except my lid is upside down so I can screw it on and off.  The bottle  label  is kind of worn off but the back side of sticky label is stuck to the bottle and I didn’t bother to take it off.  I normally use the razors to peel  labels off of packages so we can send them back out for the interlibrary loan dept.
I had the prescription bottle sitting out in public view, some guy walked by and was trying to see what was in this bottle.The razor blades were actually on top of each other I am not sure how that came to be?  He started to say something about his prescriptions, when I piped up with ” there’s  razor blades in there  so I can stay sharp, he laughed and so did my coworker and so did I. Then I thought this would be good thing to post on Friday!

Impression we make

ok, I am librarian by day and Jewelry designer/maker by night.

I had a customer/patron come to the desk to check some books out.

Meanwhile before he approached me,  (I am discharging ILL books and my desk is loaded with books)

He asked, Can you check books out ?,

I said yes I can do that for you

He said: – I wasn’t sure and I point to button that I was suppose to wear but decided to hang in on the back of my monitor that said, “Please Interrupt Me”

He said: I will remember that the next time I down here.

Then I preceded to check his two books out. I put the receipt in the book that was due first, as I am handing his book to him, I told him that he would need to read this book as it was due before the other one. He starts laughing with a very hardy laugh, the kind that is contagious and pretty soon I was smiling from ear to ear…He remarked to that episode was he needed that all the time, and continued to laugh. I think I struck his funny bone

We both laugh together and I am now smiling from ear to ear.



be very naughty



How does that old saying go? If you are going to be naughty then be very naughty.

I asked my hubby what he wanted for Christmas, he told me his two front teeth, literally he needs one tooth, with out his fake plastic one he looks like toothless Jake. This new dentist just out of Dentist School, didn’t put the post in far enough, only to have it break off the first time he went to eat something. Was not a pretty site!

So then he said he had everything  he needed.  Right before I hung up with him,  he came up with he wanted a “pile of money”. So like  that’s going to happen?

As I was driving into town, I  got this great idea in my head. I went to the bank and asked for 100 ones, not crisp ones either, just plain old ones.  I am going to get a box and layer them so it will create a pile. Wrap it up and give him his Christmas present. That is the easiest Christmas Present I have given this year. I have been smiling about this every since.

Hope you have very Merry Christmas how ever you want to spend it.

from naughty girl

How do u entertain yourself

How do you entertain yourself when you are driving across the plains?

1. Talking books
2. Listen to radio
3. Think
4. Look at scenery
5. Crack up and make up jokes
6. Stop at rest areas
7. Talk on cell  excrpt in  IL.
8. Post your ideas
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