Food for Thought

Recently I signed up with 100 days of going without process food.  . My thought today was ” What would our food look like if dyes were not used? Would we all be healthier?

My eyes have been open, I am reading package ingredients. So one thing I read today was that some cheese is colored from a vegetable color. Other products come right out and say they used yellow, or red or what have you..

So if everything was not dyed would we still be eating the good stuff? Just some questions I have been asking myself. Have any of you thought about this concept?

So I went to the internet to see what they had to say about it.

Kids seem to have an opionion: ( This person has a suggested list of things at the end of her conversation and what approach she is taking ….

Pinterst has board on this topic called DYE FREE FOODS . Tahke a look for yourself – ”

Here’s a Great blog about a mother’s journey into a dye-free diet for her daughter.

Best and Worst Drinks for Kids is another great link to read, .

And this is who I am following presently and trying out what she has to say

I went to my local library to get her first book to read

Do you want more energy, improve your health and attitude? Why not give it a try and see how you feel about 100 days.



Myth or Remedy

So from time to time we are have some health issue that interrupts our lives…

For me I have been trying to stay healthy this past year. I have been struggling with swollen knee. But the doctor just told me to stay off of salt. I did that, but then my knee started swelling when I sat to long or if I stood to long. So I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it.

I networked with some gals at work. One gal said her uncle swore that if you eat 6-7 maraschino cherries a day that your swelling would go down. I tried it and my knee doesn’t swell. I am amazed. I did go to orthopedic and they took a x-ray in the office and found a bone spur. But now he wants to see if the padding is gone – only an MRI can tell what is going on. Don’t you think that some of the medical field has gone forward in an amazing way but then there seems to be some of it had gone backwards too.

I told my doctor in a funny way – I was kidding of course that I thought I was the Bionic woman and now I am a Raggedy Ann loosing her stuffing!

So does cherries really help? What do you think? What experiences do you swear by?

Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler


Tuna with a Twist

Recently I have been a little more conscious about what I have been putting into my body. I don’t want to imply that I am dieting but trying to put a handle on having some healthy living habits.

Recently I was introduced to eating 6 small meals vs 3 meals a day. I must tell you that I did it this past week. I have days where I work 11 am till  7 pm therefore my eating is little off, it seems on those days I was only eating about 2 meals one in mid morning and lunch/dinner at 3pm. Those days I came home starving and ate everything or anything I could find.

The six meals a day consist of smaller meals, with two protein snacks between your meals I tried it this week and by the time I got to Friday, I was bouncing off the wall with joy, energy that I have ‘t experience for sometime and I was laughing more that I usually do.

I went on the internet to look for some healthy meal replacement and this is what I found:

Then I found this neat recipe for Tuna and this is how I made it this week, it is so good.

I used albacore tuna in veg oil. Normally I would have gone with the  water. But anyhow our kitty got a treat from the drained juice off the tuna. So it didn’t go to waste. So this is what I did for dinner and another day I did this for lunch time.

I took two heaping Tablespoons of garlic hummus (Aldi’s brand), put that in the bottom of bowl, added 1/4 of can of tuna and stirred it into the hummus. Then I added to this 2 baby carrots sliced, 1/3 + cup of chopped celery, and some cut up red pepper (instead of green pepper).  I used a red one as it is suppose to be better for digestion. Then I had purchase some sweet sugar snaps and thawed them out and added handful and left them on top. I did not stir them in. This was so filling I had a hard time eating my snack.

So my meals are every three hours.

Another thing, I was lacking in water, I had gotten out of the habit of drinking about 6 cups a day.  I decided I would sip on this every hour on the hour. I have clock in front of me where I sit at work so I actually got up to 4 cups per day this week.

So my observation from t his week is that when I kept to the 6 meals a day, my metabolism felt better, I did not have the cravings that one gets from 3 meal a day. It was a fantastic feeling!

I am going to start eating like this and it will be an adventure to find new things to add to my meals as I do this. I just want to share in case this would help someone else. I haven’t written for awhile, but think of things to write but haven’t had the time to sit down and write.

This is some of the negative side affects of mayonnaise in your diet you can read it here:


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