Acres of Diamonds, are you famaliar with this story?

If you are not familiar with this story, you can read one version here at this website.

Ok, tonight I am working at the library in the Reference Department I had patron come in as her computer was not printing. She needed some assistant with our computers. She was printing out her nurses certificate from the state..

So one thing led to another. Soon we were talking about her job she holds at a  nursing home. She works with few men that were veterans that suffer with bi -polar disorder/. Plus there are two women that suffer from something else.

She then mention that writing in journals has helped them by  keeping them from wanting to take their own life. I thought that was amazing. I also could feel that she was intune, that she listened to them and had compassion for them.

She mentioned that she often buys them journals as well. One of the ladies doesn’t really write in hers, but writes numbers in them. I told her that maybe in her former life she may have been an accountant working with numbers. She agreed with me.

I personally write in a journal daily myself. Sometimes I get attached to some of my journals as they become my best friend. and hate to start a new one.

I don’t know how it came about but I decided to help her four people and volunteer to buy them journals. I asked if I could wrap them up and she said that they would be great as they liove to open presents.

So that is what I am going to do before the year end is out. I told her she can tell them it was from an angel. I am greatful that she crossed my path today. It is great feeling to help others. It brings much joy to your heart and soul.

Tonight, I was thinking about my journey and then suddenly the story of Acres of Diamonds came to my head. I remembered reading this story about 30 years ago. Don’t know why it popped into my head. But often we look past the mark, when all we need to do is LISTEN and bloom where we are planted. I am thankful to help some people that don’t have the means to pick up journal but can provide them with small gift.

May you look around you and see what you can do to help someone. I learned some where in my life, that when you are in the service of others, you are only in the service of the your Lord,

May God Bless you and help you to fined someone to bless. So if you read this I would like to challenge you to consider it tagging you and you find someone to help.

Till later, Mary O.


Cell Hazards

We had one of our church member driving to town today. His family texted him and asked him to come back home. He pulled off the side of the road to text. Then he made a u turn to return home. In the meanwhile, his phone had fallen to the floor. He took a minute to try to pick it up and I guess the next second he had run into the cement base of bridge crushing his hips or legs not sure exactly. Not sure of the entire event. Someone called us to let us know of his mishap. He is in ICU, having surgeries. Will take him a long time for recovery I imagine. Would appreciate prayers for this young man.He had six kids.

As more news comes in I will post.Thanks for being there and for praying for Travis.

Is 2013 an unlucky year?

Will we have trouble this whole year?  Congress can’t agree on things. The President isn’t paying attention to the things that affect us as consumers.

So if the milk prices double that could affect cheese and chocolate and anything that is made with milk. For instance what about the milk shakes at McDonald’s, or the cream you put in your coffee or Latte’?

So who will benefit from these high milk prices, the middle man, the farmer or the government?

What about health care? I was told at a recent staff meeting that when I turned 65 thank you very much that company I am with presently will no longer carry me on their insurance plan but that I will have to turn to Medicare for my insurance. Nothing like a kick in the butt after being with them for 20 years.

What other changes are going to effect us in 2013?

Will the government being telling us how to live, breathe and take a bath or what?

How can we stand up and be heard???

In the day of Moses, all the people had to do was look at the staff, but how many of them would not look?  Are we like this today; are we ignoring the signs around us?