Owl Gift Bag


Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

Whooos Birthday is coming up. Cute Gift BAg designed by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

There are a lot of cute owl containers or gift bags on Pinterest these day. I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of these cute fellows. This is what I came up with, he is wearing cute vest made out of musical paper.  His eyes are punch from 4″, 2′ and 1/2″ circles. I applied orange nose with some buttons to give the right accents.

Created by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler

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Smiley faces



I had forgotten why I had these fun little erasers,. Then I was at work and pulled them out to give them away when I suddenly realized they would make adorable earrings. They are quite reasonable. There is always someone looking for cute idea but not to expensive at a Craft Fair. So I am taking these guys on Saturday, November 21 to the craft fair I am planning to be vendor in that day. They come in various colors:  green, and  pink. The ear wires are hypoallergenic, there are ear nuts included but not shown. I don’t have then in my etsy shop so just displaying them here on my wordpress and today I posted them on my Facebook page. Happy Hunting! Just merrr $3

Designs by Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler, connect with nature


Framing Tip 10: Attaching Needlework to Mat


Hello again, today I wanted to share with you how I attach my needlework to the  mat. This is fairly simple. From time to time you might also pick up photo that has been mounted to piece of foam board and might wonder how you could attach that to mat as well The same principle will apply.

Either a mat came with your kit, or you decided you wanted a mat and purchased a ready made one or maybe you ordered a custom mat. Either way your need to figure out how you can attach this so it doesn’t slip after it is hung on the wall.

First  purchase a Foam Core Board.There are various sizes of thicknesses: 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch, there are other sizes available.  Shop around for the best prices. Some of the places I have purchase  from are Dick Blick, and Hobby Lobby and sometimes Wal-mart.

Take into consideration if your needle work was wrapped around 1/8 inch board, then you’ll  need 1/4 inch foam core. You’ll need to eye this and consider if the amount is sticking out past the mat. I cut 1.5 inch – 1.75 inch strips of foam board. This will be placed under your needlework and glued to the mat so this is like a resting shelf for your needlework. I glue strips to the side as well so it won’t move side ways when I place it into the frame.

Another way to tackle this is to cut mat shape out of the foam core board and place your needlework within the square or rectangle. Then measure and cut a mat. Cut down the foam board and hinge the mat to the foarm board. Then place this in your frame.

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler




Framing Tip 7: Screw Eyes


Saw teeth are great for small pictures. What size pictures are we thinking? Well from my experience I would say anything  5 x 7 or smaller.

When you get up to an 8 x 10 size,  you need to switch to screw eyes. Now why is that? Well when you place a saw tooth on this size frame and it is hanging by the one piece of wood, you’ll putting  a strain on the all the corners. Eventually the corners will loosen and come apart. So to avoid this, use screw eyes.

Now there is particular way to put your screw eyes in your frame.                                                    First you need to look at the depth of your frame. Then when you go to the hardware store or hardware section you.ll need to find a screw eye shank that is not too long.

images, hand cranked drill, manual hand held drill

I use a hand cranked drill. I take a brad and cut the head off and place this in the drill as if it was a drill bit.

Now turn over your frame so your looking at the back of your picture frame. Take a ruler and measure from top to bottom the overall frame length. Let say your frame measures 21 inches. So you will want to come down 1/3 of the way or divide this number into thirds.

frame measuringSo we’ll measure down  7 inches. Depending on where the thickness part of the frame is that is where you are going to drill a hole. Oak Frames will give  you trouble – to tackle the hard wood frames – Before drilling put some soap on your drill bit (brad ) and on the screw eye. By the way Don’t  drill threw the front of the frame. So you’ll want drill in about 3/16 or 1/8 of an inch.  I have never measured, I just kind of eye or give it two turns or so.

Then after drilling you’ll screw in your screw eye. The last time I purchase screw eyes I bought 5/8″ (1.5cm) they were by National Hardware . Put a nail set through the eye and turn the screw eye into place The screw eye should angle in towards the center of the wood frame when complete.

Now we are ready for the wire. I ususally start with the wire and place it in the screw eye and then twist it to each other about 2 inches. Then pull the wire straight across the frame to the other side where the screw eye is sitting. Take your ruler and measure from top of the frame to where the wire is and divide that measurement in half. That half way point is where our wire is going to be.positioned. Then wrapped the wire through the opposite screw eye and twist and you’ve completed the task!

Produced by Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler

Fluid retention




waterfall dietI have not been feeling all that great lately. My ankles have been holding fluids. Tight fitting socks didn’t help either. Then I tried knee highs with light support and it pushed the fluid up to my knees. Can’t go up and down steps, can kneel, it was the pits!

I didn’t’ want to go to the doctors, so decided to do some research online. Found that I needed to walk around and not sit so long. Drinking enough water was important too, and I was lacking in that area. Particularly during the day when I am at my 9-5 job. I would only get in about 2 cups of water a day. I was probably dehydrated. I  didn’t realize that my joints needed more water to get rid of the fluid.

My varicose veins were yelling at me!.

So I checked out a book that I found on- line called “WaterFall Diet” Thank goodness our bodies tell us when something is not right and that we need to pay attention to what we are putting in our mouths. Been contemplating on this subject lately. Our bodies are like a machine, it needs care too. You wouldn’t run your car with out oil, so there are certain care we need to do for our bodies if we want to carry on longer.

So I have given up sugar and noticed now my varicose veins stopped yelling at me!  I started thinking about all the process food we buy for convenience, but is it really ruining our health?… yes. They have too much sugar and salt in them. I had not really thought about cereal in that way before. I compared all the cereal we had in the cupboard that was purchase for higher fiber diet and the salt and sugar content was way overboard. I didn’t’ want to stick that in my body. So I have gone back to regular oatmeal and I take frozen cherries and put them in a  blender  and then on my cereal now.

I am eating more salads. I tried using roasted sunflower seeds/unsalted along with silvered almonds they are so good. Having a gourmet salad every day for lunch. I am eating more fresh veg and fruit, less red meats. Occasionally fish as I am in search of new recipes to try. . I like nuts and which is great for snack.. not to many, but enough for serving.

When I am sitting at my desk now, I try to drink water on the hour now. We have stacks that I can walk around and been doing that so my circulation in my legs get moving too.

The book recommended staying away from wheat, so I did it for two weeks, then last night I had sandwich using bread and this morning I don’t feel so good. So following some of her suggestions is the good thing as my first two weeks I was feeling really great. But now I have gone back a step or two. So gotta start up again and do what I did in the beginning. One night I had fresh snowpeas and rice cakes for dinner. I was totally full.

This would be good for artist, authors, and creative people that sit or stand for long periods of time. Hope this will help someone along the way.

Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler

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Jewelry Tool


3 step loop pliers for wire wrapping

My grandmother passed down a pair of round nose pliers, I loved them dearly. One day my rings started turning oval, they were no longer round- they had hit the dust… worn down from so much use.  I tried a pair of 3 Step Wire Looping tool. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I love this new tool as my wire wrapping loops are coming out exactly the same on both ends. Even though I read that one could use a sharpie line on your present pair of round nose pliers. This particular pair of pliers is a success every time. So stop  getting frustrated and pick up a pair of these. You’ll wonder how you ever got along with out them!

Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler

Connect with nature, wear down-to-earth jewelry!

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My first attempt


Been intrigued with those wooden spools that have been made into necklaces. My daughters birthday is on Monday, so decided to make one for her. While I’m at it, I decided to make one for myself too .

wooden spool supplies needed for this project


Here are some of the supplies needed for this project: scissors, ink pad, rubber stamps of your choice, strips of paper to wrap around the spool and some tacky glue, beads, and charms of your choice to dandle from the bottom.

I am using some scrapbook paper, then I measured the width of the spool and used a paper cutter to cut my strip. I cut three strips. One for a pattern and other two for the two spools I am making.

Then I decided to rubber stamp before gluing the strip around the spool.  For this particular spool, I had rubber stamp that states it is New York  stamped both ends of the spools with this stamp. See below –

Rubber Stamped top of wooden spool I thought it made the spool look more authentic.

P1070280Next I  added a  gold tone metal leaf,  a brass bird and it needed one more thing so I added some gemstones i had sitting around. All the charms hanging have been wire wrapped so they can’t fall off. I thought some matching earrings would be nice too. So used the same leaf that was dangling from spool and made earrings. See below-




This is what this necklace looks like – I used a black round cord, I placed two knots at each end but thought she could decided what length she would like…wooden spool necklace


gold tone feathers


I decided to be creative with wrapping it. I used a match box and covered it with brown paper, lined it with a napkin and here is the wrapping paper I am going to use.

Wooden spool necklace in creative gift boxP1070287