Share Your World ~ 31 July 2017

If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts? Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected? I had my lenses replaced when I was 57, thought that was early since both parents didn’t have their cataracts done in their 80’s. I prefer not to wear glasses. But I won’t not want to wear contacts either. I have allergies and I think they would bother them. I guess I like wearing glasses have the time and then I stick them up on my head until I need them. Sort of like an airline pilot.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? I grew up with both dog and cat. But cats are nice so when you go on vacation. When we go on vacation we can leave out food enough for week and not worry about them. Where as dog needs more maintenance.

If you were to buy a new house/apartment what is the top three items on your wish list? If I was going to move into house or apartment? Well if I was moving into apartment I would want to know what kind of neighbors I had, I would want a first floor apt and a garage. If I was moving into house  I would want a garage, live on corner lot and art room.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. I learned one thing, if I don’t understand what someone had explained to me, I am going back for clarification! It has given me more peace of mind instead of trying to guess what they were trying to say to me!!!!


Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 7

She had prepared the supper and with the table at one side and the cook stove on the other with her wheelchair between she passed the dishes of food and made hot biscuits during the meal, always cheerful and joining in the conversation. There was another man who was a helper the man being engaged at this season in barking trees for tar. I had a good nights rest and breakfast and was charged but a small amount for my indebtedness. Was given instructions as to the road to Clinchport but it seemed as if I had little sense of direction for after traveling several miles and asking a man I met the distance to Clinchport was informed I was miles of of my way.  Again my nearest way was over the mountain and after being directed started for the top where he informed me I would find a house my knee felt very much better and the climb was not so laborious as I expected; reaching the house far from spent by the climb. There were a couple of women in the house and asking for a drink was given a cup of coffee after some breakfast which this offered me letting them of my having had it at Duffield. By this time it was quite warm and after resting about an hour and receiving directions as to the trail to the road leading to Clinchport started down mountain. My sense of direction must have been very poor for again I lost my way and after a long time moving through shrub and open places emerged on a road which I followed until noon when I came by a cottage on the mountain side was given a meal by a young women. On leaving followed the road until I came to a cross road where a man in a field directed me to the left but traveling this for about a half mile met a man who on my inquiry, stated I was on a road which would take me along way round it was nearer to turn back and follow his directions and eventually arrived at Clinchport. At this time the sky was clouding and I pushed on through Speers Ferry not stopping at the house where I was befriended as there seemed to be no one about and it was noticed to get to Gate City, by night. When about 2 miles from Gate City it began to rain and reaching a small village took refuge on a covered porch over a general store which was closed. It was dark by this time and very uncomfortable on the porch as there was no place to sit and getting very cold. Later on a working train pulled onto the aiding of the railroad which ran by the village and the workman rushed to the dining car, so called. It has ceased raining and I went over to scout for a place to sleep. In each car there were bunks at each end with a square place in the middle where the doors open, a stove in the center, but without a fire. Seeing a workman near by I asked him if I could stayer there for the night but as he replied that I would need to see the boss who was at supper but he was hardboiled and more than likely to give me a swift kick as he had no lover for tramps. Without resenting the reputation and disinterest to meet this “hardboiled” foreman who might interfere with my sleep which were my main dependence I went back to this porch, about an hour later feeling the need of a better position and relief from the cold wind I again went over and finding a car with a empty box car inside probably used for coal after stome strenuous work pulled myself in and moving the box into a corner was ready for anything to happen. The new man having a lot of homeplay with probably  a new hand as I could hear him calling “Hey – stop that ” and out a squeal time after time. About what seemed 10 o’clock they ceased their fun and went to their bunks those passing me paying no attention except one who said, “Sorry we can’t give you a bunk Dad but they are all filled.” “That’s all right Bo I’m in out of the wet and wind will do fine here.” Worse nights had been my fan but sitting on that box all night with the sides of the car for a pillow all but fine and my naps came few and far between. Strange, I had no thought of its being anything but my usual cause in life except that not feeling that I was a tramp, but something different and yet accepting things as they were. Not once did I incline to reasoning these things out and nor an inclination to look for work – Just an impulse to keep moving on, by day light it had cleared and I was and up with the sun and away. Instead of taking the road from Gate City by which I came my course was one toward Bristol, Tennessee. After walking a couple of hours and feeling the need of food the road being hilly and  few habit at oners my wants were supplied by a woman living along the roadside who fed me liberally, asked me to rest awhile and entered into a conversation which lasted for an hour, a welcome interlude having so little of anyone’s society and gave her to understand my gratitude for her consideration of our asking her for “a bite”. The day was cloudy for the most part finding relief from the sun and my knee giving me slight trouble by evening I reached Mendota having had some dinner at a house a few miles back.

The few people I saw in the village rather ask adn at me and seeing an old grist mill near by entered its portal and finding a couple of bags made a pillow of one and threw the other over me but it gave scant warmth as the night was very cold but had a fairly good nights rest. Somehow in the morning those I will seemed devoid of hostility and one man stopped and asked me where I was bound for, directioning me to a house some distance beyond when his wife would give me a meal “for the asking” as he had just finished his breakfast and was on his way to work. I had only to ask and she gave a me a good meal with 2 or 3 cups of coffee saying “that’s just like him – he likes his meals himself he’d would be late at work.” I said, “that’s a man for you, they don’t grow’em in any bush.” and her smile showed her admiration of her consent. On my way, a clear sunny morning, a full stomach and a feeling that the world is alright despite thee passionate kept mine good spirits and with some rolls, butter, and coffee from another good samaritan along the way I reached Bristol about 6 o’clock in the evening. Just outside the tow, noticing a base ball grounds with grandstand it came to me that it would afford a place to sleep without further hunting and possible cleaner than any I might find. There was no trouble getting into the park and finding a place where I could look about without being seen sat there until dark finally retiring on bench.. to be continued

Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels part 5

Borrow if you will not accept it but do not look at it as a loan.” He insisted, on my taking it and I did take his name and address adn telling him when I was able to do so would pay it back. Later with the first money I could spare after succeeding in securing work I returned it with some added and used the wrong surname. my letter was received and open by a Sergeant – whose address has been lost – who returned my letter and money.

It was about three months before I located him in North Carolina. The family with whom he was living had been broken up by the death of the elder man and the young man had finally found a place on a farm in that state and it was here my letter reach him. We had several letters between us afterwards,but my last one was returned and I have not heard from him since although he might have written but I might have changed address in the mean time. After leaving him at Jasper the tears came to my eyes and I did not try to restrain them… they were not tears to reject, it was with a rather light heart I resumed my way although the grade was up did not tire but was obligated to stop occasionally to rub my knee well to remove the soreness. Late in the afternoon a man in a car offered me a ride which I gladly accepted as my knee was giving me a lot of trouble and with only an occasional house insight, the sky darkening and foretelling rain itb behoved me to get to Big Stone Gap soon as possible. Fortunately my friend carried me to this place by which time it was quite dark and beginning to rain and knowing it would almost impossible to find a place to sleep was obliged to look up a place to lodge. A man directed me to a measly small hotel so called and the landlady said she could give me a room for the 75 cents, I was tempted to look further but it was raining hard and after quite a lot of dickering in which she made very derogatory remarks about my breed of men, living on others and too lazy to work and finally saying I can let you have a place to sleep for 50 cents. I can’t go out in this storm. She took the money saying sit down and when my son comes in he’ll take you to your room. Son must have been having a good time alright where as he did not turn  up until 10:30 and it was nigh eleven when he came in the room and said, “Come on I shoul you to your room and  out in the storm we went, he in a raincoat and as for myself exposed to the rain. After half a square away he led me upstairs to a room with four beds, two of them occupied by two men a piece. He motioned to an empty bed and left. The room was large enough but bare of furniture rather a poverty stricken place., but having little to lose and pretty wet was glad to get under any roof, retiring at once before falling asleep i heard another lodger come in and as he turned off the light before getting into bed, concluded all the quest were in for the night and soon fell asleep. Awoke about six in the morning and found the others had already departed.

My clothes had dried and the storm was over but the sky still overcast and making my way to the street was soon on the way to Appalachia on a good paved road. Coming by a roadside store I entered to see a man dressed his “Sunday Best” as if in readiness for church.  I judged as he was  reading his bible. Asking him the price of a carton of biscuits he replied, seven cents for biscuits, could you let me have a package for six cents?, it’s all I can pay”, said I referring to the money I found in my  pocket at Gray’s – “No” he said, “You’ll pay 7 cents or nothing” and he placed the package back on the shelf. As I walked out the door saying “A good samaritan mix”, and he gave me an awful stare but said nothing.

Sometime later I came across what appeared to me might have been a rain of toads. They were all over the paved road, dead, as if drowned many mashed by automobiles but thousands of others and they extended for two or three miles. I had not idea where they came from and inquiring of a man by the roadside he replied, “Don’t know there’s more than could have come from anywhere round here – they’ll make good fertilizer at not cost”. It cleared about 10 o’clock became very warm and tiresome on the up grade as I was ascending the range on my way to north to come over into Kentucky and into Ohio.

Managed to get a bite on the way and along about noon a man on his way to Norton stopped and took me in. On his inquiring as to my destination and learning of my crossing the mountain into Kentucky, said ” My good man, don’t think for such a trip, the mountains are infested with moonshiners to whom a deputy sheriff is comparable to a rattlesnake and if one thought you were such in disguise he would not hesitate to “pot” you. And if you escaped they you would get little to eat as the cabins are mostly off the road. Don’t do it. You could not stand the rough road and might get caught in a bad storm and no shelter.” Well “said I , it is my plan to get into Ohio but being bombed over by a moonshiner or kidnapped half starved or sleeping out in the rain without shelter didn’t appeal to me, so I’ll take your advise but Ohio is my objective and I ‘ll get there someway. If you let me out I’ll start back and try some other route, “thanking you for your advice.” I’ll not stop here as further ahead I will put you on a road to Appalachia which is much shorter than the one you are now on” at a “Hot Dog” stand he stopped and treated me to a “Dog” and cup of coffee joining me in the same and shortly after put me on my road back as it was down grade walking was easier and by seven o’clock was again in Appalachia.

to be continued…



              “God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into                                            diamonds. Using time and pressure, He is working on you too.”                                                                                Rick Warren