Calling all Artist


Still time to sign up to donate a card to to aid help sick children. Registration closes 24th FEB

Please take a minute of your time, can you draw, are you artist or just like to doodle this is nice way to help an organization raise money for those that are less fortunate then us. Surely you can come up with drawing, It isn’t very big its only 16cm x 12 cm on heavy cardstock paper. Certainly you have something laying around that you love to draw or have drawn why not send it off

no rewards, no recognition here, just sweet joy will come to you, because you shared your heart. Hope to see many others help

 Lighting was bad but it is the thought that counts

Different View

I was thinking about pine trees. Then my mind started to wonder. I started thinking about the pioneers that have gone before us and and suffering and deaths that occurred due freezing weather. My next thought was about how one would bury a love one under a pine tree.

They laid her in the ground under a pine tree.  As the tree grew her roots surrounded her cradling in its arms.(tree roots) ( form of loving her and protecting her)

Each year she shed her pine cones to protect her against the elements.

Just a thought I had from a film I watched recently on the way home from church today.


a Sweet Sound

A couple of ladies came into the library today. They were wanting to print out their boarding passes. One said to the other’s what about “Daddy”. These are grown women still calling their dad, Daddy. It just kind of hit me and I thought to myself, they must have good relationship with their daddy. It was a sweet sound to my ears.

Vegetarian BLT


How did this all  start, oh, someone at church told me their sister went to the doctor. The doctor wanted her to loose weight. He told her about the “Eat to Live” by Joel Furham. She in turn on mission told me she was going to start this, after she got home from her mission.

Being the Librarian I am, decided to get one of these books thru Interlibrary Loan. Then I decided to get my own copy.  So his theory is eating salads with beans of your choice every day along with vegetables, seeds or nuts. Plus stop eating: dairy, sweets, salt and oil. But one is allowed to eat Greens, Beans Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and  seeds. (G-BOMBS)

Since then I have been allergic to milk since I was kid, but my mom didn’ t want to feed me goat’s milk, so I have suffered most of my life with milk products. Since I stopped I feel so much better…

Well this led me to better meal planning. My latest is I created a BLT for vegan or vegetarian. So my B is a bean hummus of your choice, spread it on facing sides of your bread.


Next put some romaine lettuce or whatever your choice is


Then add tomatoes, I had small ones so I put on three slices


Then for extra measure, I love cucumbers in sandwiches so they are place on the other side


Then put it together and you have a wonderful tasting sandwich. Sometimes I  sprinkle Mrs. Dash on my tomatoes, but today I did not. I am wanting to grow some alfalfa sprouts. This makes for a really great sandwich. Hope you will try it and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping in!

Mary O

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8 Favorite Quotes


rs poster

This is one of my favorite posters. I love that fact that we may all Sit down in Heaven Together someday.

Some of my other favorite sayings or quotes are:

  1. Kill it with kindness
  2. Kindness Begins with Me
  3. Be of Good Cheer
  4. When your heart speaks, take good notes
  5. What we do with what happens to us is more important than what happens to us.
  6. It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent!
  7. Charity never Faileth
  8. Every burden on the back can become a gift in hand.

Life of Librarian

Amazing, I have only been to work for 35 minutes, when a lady comes to my desk and asks if we have any Jewish Books. Racking my brain, I walk back to the religion section to see if I can find a cover that would meet this patrons needs. Then not finding anything I suggested that I have some mat boards that could be cut down and then one could use duck tape or book binding tape to tape the two pieces together.

She explains she is singing in Cantata and wanted to hide her music in Jewish Book Cover. So I returned to my desk and remembered that we have cut up cardboard  we use to send out magazines. So I gave her couple pieces of cardboard,  then I went to the internet and typed in Jewish Book Covers and came up with some great images. She picked out what she wanted and I enlarged it with Microsoft Publisher. She mentioned she had been all over Peoria yesterday and left this big city with nothing.

. I have some art background and was so glad to give her a hand. What Joy this brought to my heart that I could help someone. She was very happy!

Thin & Fragile

Haven’t posted much lately.

Just visited a man the comes to our library on regular basis that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Doc said he had 2- 4 months to live.  So decided I go visit him after work today. (only worked 1/2 day) Took him some homemade blueberry muffins. Thought since he might not feel like cooking he could grab one of them. I didn’t put to much sugar in them. He was already thin, I couldn’t believe how thin his face has gotten already.

I had another school friend die unexpectedly in May. He had motorcycle accident. Died at the scene.

Then the month before that had girl friend from church die. Apparently she was not  taking her blood pressure medicine and she had stroke and died. She left a husband and son behind. She has collage age daughter and infant that had preceded her in death. Two days later, another person from church passed too.

Life is precious, and sometimes short for some of us Take time to smell the flowers and spend time with your family and love ones. .