Shopping, Errands to run, feel like staying home, where ever you are going to be. Why not start out your day with yummy and energetic green smoothie.

This is what I put in mine today:

1 banana, 1/3 cup Aldi’s Coconut Milk, 2 large handful of Spinach – blend these together. Then add 1 Tbsp. Chia seeds, 1/2 pkg. of frozen mango from Sav a lot, 1/2 avocado, 1 lime squeezed, plus a little zest and blend and 2 Tbsp. plain whole milk yogurt..

The possibilities are endless.

From Kitchen of Prairie Pine Peddler


Vegetarian BLT


How did this all  start, oh, someone at church told me their sister went to the doctor. The doctor wanted her to loose weight. He told her about the “Eat to Live” by Joel Furham. She in turn on mission told me she was going to start this, after she got home from her mission.

Being the Librarian I am, decided to get one of these books thru Interlibrary Loan. Then I decided to get my own copy.  So his theory is eating salads with beans of your choice every day along with vegetables, seeds or nuts. Plus stop eating: dairy, sweets, salt and oil. But one is allowed to eat Greens, Beans Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and  seeds. (G-BOMBS)

Since then I have been allergic to milk since I was kid, but my mom didn’ t want to feed me goat’s milk, so I have suffered most of my life with milk products. Since I stopped I feel so much better…

Well this led me to better meal planning. My latest is I created a BLT for vegan or vegetarian. So my B is a bean hummus of your choice, spread it on facing sides of your bread.


Next put some romaine lettuce or whatever your choice is


Then add tomatoes, I had small ones so I put on three slices


Then for extra measure, I love cucumbers in sandwiches so they are place on the other side


Then put it together and you have a wonderful tasting sandwich. Sometimes I  sprinkle Mrs. Dash on my tomatoes, but today I did not. I am wanting to grow some alfalfa sprouts. This makes for a really great sandwich. Hope you will try it and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping in!

Mary O

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Quick Lunch Entree

You know I am always trying to find ways to make an easy lunch from home so I can avoid eating out. I don’t get a very long lunch hour. So If I get lunch out then 10 minutes each way doesn’t leave much time to enjoy a lunch.

I seem to be on low salt diet and if you look at all the foods ingredients – it would amaze you of the amount of salt they put into their food.

I would like to add some new ideas and if you have any, I hope that  you would share with me. I am trying to avoid process foods as much as possible…

So far this week this is what I have had: one day I had baked potato with little butter, Mrs Dash and it was topped with  cooked broccoli florets and mozzarella cheese.

Another day I threw in 5 cheese filled ravioli, scattered dehydrated carrots, mushrooms and then added some (defrosted  homemade spaghetti sauce) over this. It was quite delicious.

Speaking of mushrooms, I used freeze dried mushrooms- after trying these out, they are so much better than the kind you get in the can. Their flavor is wonderful. I usually buy a case of them at time from They come in #10 can 

My next lunch I prepared is a veg soup and I  brought along some matzo crackers purchased from Traders Joe’s, because they are thin and they don’t have any salt on them!

I also like to take a cooked or grilled chicken breast and add some cubed pineapple, celery, and few salted sesame seeds and make a salad. I like to use yogurt instead of mayo for this combination. The canned pineapple gives the plain yogurt just enough sweetness and takes better than mayo.

Thanks all for now