Quick Lunch Entree

You know I am always trying to find ways to make an easy lunch from home so I can avoid eating out. I don’t get a very long lunch hour. So If I get lunch out then 10 minutes each way doesn’t leave much time to enjoy a lunch.

I seem to be on low salt diet and if you look at all the foods ingredients – it would amaze you of the amount of salt they put into their food.

I would like to add some new ideas and if you have any, I hope that  you would share with me. I am trying to avoid process foods as much as possible…

So far this week this is what I have had: one day I had baked potato with little butter, Mrs Dash and it was topped with  cooked broccoli florets and mozzarella cheese.

Another day I threw in 5 cheese filled ravioli, scattered dehydrated carrots, mushrooms and then added some (defrosted  homemade spaghetti sauce) over this. It was quite delicious.

Speaking of mushrooms, I used freeze dried mushrooms- after trying these out, they are so much better than the kind you get in the can. Their flavor is wonderful. I usually buy a case of them at time from http://www.honeyville.com They come in #10 can 

My next lunch I prepared is a veg soup and I  brought along some matzo crackers purchased from Traders Joe’s, because they are thin and they don’t have any salt on them!

I also like to take a cooked or grilled chicken breast and add some cubed pineapple, celery, and few salted sesame seeds and make a salad. I like to use yogurt instead of mayo for this combination. The canned pineapple gives the plain yogurt just enough sweetness and takes better than mayo.

Thanks all for now