Share my world ~ 24 July 2017


List some of your favorites types of teas.

My step daughter turned me onto this Tension Tamer Herbal Tea because it was suppose to be good for people that got stressed out. So this use to be my all time favorite. 

Then a couple of years ago we went to Colorado. One the places we visited was the Boulder, Colorado and went thru the Celestial Seasoning Factory. While one was waiting to go on the tour through the factory, they had all the teas out to taste test. I fell in love with Bengal Spice Tea, I can make this and drink it straight without adding any sugar or honey sweetner. 

My daughter turned me on to a Chai Latte and so I bought this at Trader Joe’s version because it was suppose to be caffeine free.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

Just a bump in the road, you win some and lose some. Just keep pluggin forward.

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility: If you could be an athlete what would do do?  As I was reflecting on this, I read Cee’s answer about what a certain show left impression on her or things she learned from that show. The show that is really old but I can still remember a few of the shows in my mind is TV show about old Chinese man that teaches young student how to be disciple and it was also about  martial art but on the same plain it was about controlling one’s self.

What are a couple of things could people do for you on a really bad day that would really help you?         Be a good listener, hug or share something to get my mind off what I am stewing about.

  What are you grateful for from last week,Because of the weather, we or rather I planted my garden in later than  normal. We either  had cold weather or rain it was impossible to get into the garden to plant etc.. When I went to nursery to buy plants, I called ahead of time to see if they were open and if she had any plants I wanted left, She told me a lot of people got their gardens in late this year. So I didn’t feel bad. . This is my first pickin from my garden that I picked tonight –  nice head of broccoli that I am going to freeze

and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  Well I had MRI, and I was told all my life that I had slipped disk, turns out I have vertebra slipping that is putting strain on the spinal cord and sciatic nerve.

 I can get this pain under control if I do some physical therapy. I am thankful that I don’t have to go under the knife. So I will be doing Physical Therapy three times a week for the next three weeks. 


Cool Crop Duster


Boy did we have an unusual experience this afternoon. I was inside when my husband asked me to come outside. There was this terrific sound and I was not sure what he was going to show me. All of sudden out of nowhere across our trees it flew over, you could hear the noise of his engine really really loud. The trees stand next to our driveway.  He was flying so low that he looked like he was going down our country road that is in front of our house. . Boy did I want a picture of that. I ran back into the house to get my  camera on my phone. But he didn’t come that close again. I could hear the sound of his engine it was almost fearful. He traveled back and forth then going down into the corn crop across the street from where we lived.

Then he started making bigger circles that he went further out and he crossed over our yard out further and then he circle around drop really close to the ground. You see he was spraying the corn with something. It was a one man plane. The plane was painted a bright yellow color so you could not miss it.. So you could see it and hear it very plainly.

It was something else. the big excitement for us for the day. Hope I explained it well enough that you could imagine yourself here today.


Share Your World ~ 3 July 2017


Answers to Cee’s Share Your World 3 July 2017

For your main meal do you prefer sweet and sour, hot and spicy, spicy and sweet, bitter, salty, bland or other? I like spicy but it doesn’t always like me. I have sweet tooth but recently changed my diet as I was tired of either having cavities or teeth pulled. My husband is diabetic and can’t have sweet stuff so I don’t buy cookies or candy as I don’t like it sitting around the house. I recently have made Fudgesicles which  consisted of pure maple syrup, dark unsweetened chocolate cocoa powder, vanilla extract and plain yogurt. The carbs and sugar are low so we were both allowed to have them. I got the recipe from this book. Check to see if your local library can get this book for you and then if you really like it, then one can purchase the book at

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

I either try to put stuff away where it belongs or stick everything in the quest room.

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life? I would like to get up early and exercise before going to work, instead I walking after work couple days a week only. I have projects that I need to tackle and have not. Sometimes I think about it when I am at work.

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?  I would not perform but introduce the acts or serve cotton candy for free to young children.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am very grateful that my dad didn’t die last week.The nursing home he was in didn’t take very good care of him. The hospital had seen him 3 months ago and notice a big change in him, He had lost 20 lbs, bed sores on his back, extremely low blood pressure so he was near death’s door. He has pneumonia and was dehydrated. The nurses at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines were great and explained and updated us on his condition. They said he was stubborn but that is was plus as he would live longer and heal faster. The hospital got him out of ICU after 2 days and he is mending in regular room. I went to see him on Sunday, he held my hand tightly even thou he was kind of out of it. They are going to move him to different nursing home. I would not recommend this one he came from and I am not sure if my sister will turn this nursing home in or give them a bad review.

Great Grandpa Amnesia Travels


I haven’t written lately. Stopped doing jewelry making to enjoy other aspects of my life. I have been doing family research or genealogical research for others. Haven’t really unearth anything spectacular.

But I do have great grandpa that traveled quite extensively before he got married. After he was married and when he was in his early 60’s was coming home from work one day in Philadelphia and it is believed that someone hit him over the head, took his valuables  such as his wedding band and whatever money he was carrying with him and put him on a freight train. It seems  he had amnesia for two and half years. Could you imagine not knowing where you came from, not remembering your family, wife, nothing about your previous life not even your name?

I’d like to share what I know about this man here in my blog.  This man was amazing, I guess in real life he kept a journal and he even wrote down in his wedding book their trip they took and what they did. One can tell from his writing that he was very detailed person. His penmanship was excellent. From what I recall from memory he used an pen and ink to record their wedding journey, he even noted something about the fire alarm in the hotel.

I was also informed that John ended up in a lumber yard in eastern Tennessee the first day after his arrival off the freight train. He didn’t know where he was nor did he know his name. He thought the men were a little rough around the edges and wasn’t sure about them so he tried to stay reserve so not to upset them or get on the wrong side of these men.

The information following this sentence was taken from his account of his trip and not having memory from the 5 May 1923 til September 1925.

“On a beautiful warm day in early Spring about 5 o’clock in the afternoon I had fallen asleep in an open train shed along a railroad in Eastern Tennessee. The shed open in the front and around the three sides benches for passengers awaiting a train. Several gun reports close by startled and awakened me and getting up from the bench too suddenly made me dizzy and I fell to the floor.  Five mountaineers came in and raised me onto the bench.  The dizziness clasped quickly and not being hurt by the fall, I sat up and asked what the gun shooting meant and once said ” Mr were only having a little horse play back of the shed, having just quit work and on our way home.” “Where as I “_______ Gray’s.” Guess nobody and distance from here. Its in Tenn. By this time they were sitting and each man had a knife a couple were whittling sticks and the others cutting niches in the bench, said one, “Where did you come from?” I don’t seem to know – can’t remember being here before or in Tennessee either.”

Well Hobo, you must be a tramp or getaway as you don’t want to tell anything. What’s your name?” That remark nettled me as I was dressed better than any of them very little this name for dist as I could see so I answered at once John Farham. Do I look like a tramp, I don’t feel as if I had ever been one. But with several days growth of whiskers, an old black slouch hat I was not very presentable especially with a good coating of dust. Well Dad, if you get upper income you have a very poor alibi. In the meantime the wind had begun to rise and the limbs of the tree which I could see from where I was sitting were swaying and a man remarked “It’s going to rain.” “Me for home” and they all echoed his statement.

I said, “Is there any place round here where I could get a place to sleep” Very few houses her about and they are filled with children and babies but there is a place about a mile beyond where you could find a place to sleep.” They all left at once for their mountain cabins and I stepped out of the shed to find forest all around a and a saw mill and stone nearby in a clearing. Walking over to this porch and found it to be a portable saw mill probably carried from place to place in clearing the timber and close by a general store. Several small houses appeared to comprise Gray’s and I took to the Road which turned out to be my home for some time.

Strange to say I seemed to have no forebading this, more like it was natural and there was no looking forward as to what might happen how I was to make a living. Neither did it appear astounding that I  could not tell anything about myself or as to why I found myself in my condition. I had on a dark blue suit soiled somewhat by dust and I presume sleeping in some places other than a bed, an old black slouch hat, much the worse for wear. My sole possession were six cents, a couple of keys on a ring, pipe tobacco and matches, no papers or letter or anything that would raise an impression me that matters should be otherwise than in my condition at the time. I just drifted and took things as they came and they came swiftly. Gray’s did not look good to me so I started along the road to the find the place of which the man spoke but never found it. It had probably rained the day previous and the ground wet and when I came to the edge of the forest it was muddy and walking laborous and darted up the grade of the mountain. Presently the sky darkened and for probably 15 minutes it rained hard blowing into my face, wetting me to the skin and making walking difficult on the ties.

The sky cleared but it was getting dark and no shelter insight. Just before dark I came across a young girl carrying a pail of water and asked her for a drink. She replied, “I have nothing you can drink from.” I saw a large house in the trees to the left of the railroad and  asked if I could get shelter there for the night but she declined to say and said there a cabin in the woods and to try there. It was dark by then and a storm beginning so I entered the forest and after a time discovered a light ahead. Having lost the beaten path it was quite a struggle to get there. The light came from the kitchen with an outside porch. Knocking on a pillar a man came out and I said, “Can you give me shelter for the night, am soaking wet and no place to go.” At that moment the winds a length of tin from the porch roof had he not caught my hand and pulled me on the porch it would have struck me as it fell where I had been standing. I saw it in the morning and it was big as a door. “That was a narrow escape wait a minute- I’ll see the old women ? he said” He went inside and in a couple minutes called to me to come in. the “old woman” his mother and a young woman, no doubt his wife appeared to be the only occupants. “Sit down and I’ll make a fire to dry your clothes. It’s been so warm the past two weeks we let the fire go out.”  “It’s very kind of you. I need a lot of drying out.”

To be continued….

Preserving Family Recipes


Some years back I met someone that wanted to preserve their family recipes that had been handed down. They were also gathering  favorite recipes their children grew up with so they would not be lost until one day they would appreciate them or would want them.

So I gathered up my mom’s and my grandmother that have become familiar and well loved. I included the ones I have made recently and others that my daughter loved as a kid.  Now if you know me I like to be creative when I give a gift whether to family or friends. Have you ever received a gift and you liked the package better than the item?. That actually happened to me this past Christmas. But of course I would not say anything to indicate this.

I looked for a photo album that would fit 4×6 recipe cards. I didn’t want it to be to big or awkward. I wanted to make sure it would fit on shelf and not be oversized.

I found a photo album that fit my criteria. The pages had plastic sleeves that my recipe cards would fit in perfectly.

I like that idea that families that garden together stay together. Based on that concept – my daughter seems to like bird things in her house. So I decided to use that as my theme. I came up with “Birds of Feather, Bake Together”

Then I gathered all my materials and made a mixed media cover to house the recipe cards. Here is picture of what I came up with. I used tape around edges using her favorite colors blue and green.  Assorted paper to make my collage, ink, rubber stamps and rub on letters and then put modge podge over the entire front and back cover. I put the date on front so she would remember when she received this.

I am really happy to report she was really excited with her gift. She loved the cover too! Bingo nice when your daughter appreciates something you made for them.  She also loved this because I left room for her to add some others as time passes by. It seems- she uses the same size card I use. Like Mother like daughter. She’s my daughter. So that all in nut shell for today!









Razor Sharp


Image result for prescription bottle with screw on lid
Here is funny thing that happened to me yesterday. I have two single edge razor blades in a yellow prescription bottle like the ones above except my lid is upside down so I can screw it on and off.  The bottle  label  is kind of worn off but the back side of sticky label is stuck to the bottle and I didn’t bother to take it off.  I normally use the razors to peel  labels off of packages so we can send them back out for the interlibrary loan dept.
I had the prescription bottle sitting out in public view, some guy walked by and was trying to see what was in this bottle.The razor blades were actually on top of each other I am not sure how that came to be?  He started to say something about his prescriptions, when I piped up with ” there’s  razor blades in there  so I can stay sharp, he laughed and so did my coworker and so did I. Then I thought this would be good thing to post on Friday!

Gift Idea


Image result for journal book


I have friend who is moving away in few weeks. She is someone that comes to the library where I work. There have been many that have come and gone. Some have gone further to Heaven above.

I had this thought that I would write a little something in the beginning of her journal some personal effect of things we might have shared from time to time.  But instead of using up her space, I  decided to insert it in the front of the book. But then I received an inspiration, this idea popped into my head – I am going to  place some of my favorite quotes amongst her pages so that when she reaches that page she will have a neat little quote to give her inspiration or or help her along her journey..

I hope this prompts someone to do the same thing. It could be a college student, or dear friend. either way I think it was neat idea. to send someone along their way….